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Success Stories
Customer surveys show an exciting average weight loss is 0.73 lbs per day (~5 lbs/week) on a 30-40 day program (round) that includes Dr. Simeons diet plan plus taking Nano Diet Drops.

Pictures from Mandie Walker, who lost 27 lbs over 2 separate rounds.

Netta from Ohio has lost an amazing 78 lbs following our exclusive system, in 4 separate rounds.

The Latest Results Are In...

Jun 20, 2017: Lost 10 lbs in 15 days - I have convinced 3 friends to do this just this month! [more]

May 30, 2017: Lost 34 lbs in 38 days - The results are amazing,and so easy to follow the plan. [more]

Apr 30, 2017: Lost 21 lbs in 31 days - I was extremely pleased. Nothing feels better than feeling thin! I was having a difficult time losing weight. When I ... [more]

Mar 07, 2017: Dee Mckinley from Youngstown, Ohio - Lost 38 lbs in 37 days - I thought it was a scam and I truly didn't think it could work but I'm down 38 pounds and ... [more]

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Want Some Inspiration To "Go Get It"?

An Amazing Discovery By British Doctor 55 Years Ago

In the 1950s, British physician Dr. ATW Simeons discovered that a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or "HCG", in combination with a specific healthy low calorie diet, can grab your extra fat deposits -- no matter where it is stored -- and make it readily available to be burned as energy. The end result is that "problem" fat storage areas begin to shrink. Not just the "easy" fat. Dr. Simeons' patients lost both pounds and inches!

Dr. Simeons theorized that an area of your brain called the diencephalon, in combination with your hypothalumus, is responsible for those stubborn fat stores. The good news then, is that it's not your "will power" or motivation at fault. Dr. Simeons published his findings in 1954 in his book, "Pounds & Inches". Since that time, the success rate of Simeons HCG protocol for weight loss has been phenomenal. Dr. Simeons' weight loss method is so effective that few changes have been made despite four decades of new knowledge, and only recently has received the attention it deserves. Losing 15 - 20 pounds over a 30 day course is common, and many people have lost 40, 75, even 100+ pounds over multiple courses (we will explain how to do the diet multiple times). See testimonials for success stories and typical results.

Decades of Use

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a naturally-occuring hormone found in pregnant women, and has been used in various medical treatments in men and women for decades. Recently it has returned to popularity for use in weight loss programs. With Dr. Simeons diet program, HCG can be used as an aid to shedding pounds in a big way. Dr. Simeons has even documented treating overweight teenagers.

HCG Diet Protocol In A Nutshell

There isn't room to cover all the details here, but here is a concise description: You start taking HCG injections or drops on the first day. For the first two days, surprisingly, you "gorge" on high-fat foods, eating as much as you can all day long. This helps jump start the main part of the HCG diet where you follow a very specific, VLCD (very-low-calorie diet) developed by Dr. Simeons. This phase typically lasts 26 or 40 days (roughly 3 - 6 weeks). You stop taking the drops 3 days before the end of that phase. The next 3 weeks is the stabilization and maintenance phase where you are no longer under the VLCD but your new weight is stabilizing under a monitored, specific eating plan. After 3 weeks, your body, your hypothalumus -- and your eating habits -- have been reset to healthier levels. Enjoy the new you!

The Healthy HCG Weight Loss System

Thousands of people are now familiar with Dr. Simeons weight loss program (ie, the "HCG Diet"). However, we have found many people would prefer a less invasive and more natural way to do the HCG diet.

At the same time, many people have made it clear that they also want ease of ordering without all the issues commonly found when doing the program through a clinic: lengthy intake paperwork, physician consults, waiting for pharmacy processing, and the like. And of course, there is the growing need for product that is made in the USA due to phony products offered from overseas.

Homeopathic HCG was a popular product prior to FDA regulation changes in December 2011, but we've since discovered what we feel is a better solution. You can read more about this breakthrough new formula for the HCG protocol here.

What this new product means to you:

  • Oral Diet Drops are NON pharmaceutical
  • IT DOES NOT require a prescription or physician's consult
  • IT DOES NOT require the use of needles
  • There are NO blood tests needed
  • IT IS NOT mixed with narcotics such as phentermine
  • IT IS typically $100 - $700 LESS EXPENSIVE than a clinic
  • IT TRAVELS well and does not require refrigeration
  • IT HAS has a 2 - 3 year shelf life
  • Our Diet Drops are produced in the United States
  • Homeopathic products such as Nano Diet Drops have no known side effects
  • EASY to take with no mess and no stress

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