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We've been quietly, steadily helping customers achieve their weight loss goals with the HCG diet since May of 2009. A family-run company, we can provide quick, personalized service and the highest quality HCG products.

As a Registered Nurse (RN) I've seen the devastation and unhappiness obesity and being overweight can cause. Working closely with doctors in our local hospital, I saw firsthand how healthy choices make all the difference.

I had always promoted the "common sense" approach to weight loss and weight management: watch calories, eat a balanced diet, and exercise. So naturally when I heard about the HCG diet I was skeptical, and remained unconvinced about the homeopathic drops variety of HCG. But as I saw it working for people and changing their lives I began to look more seriously. Even people who had "tried it all" without success were finally losing weight on the HCG diet.

After studying Dr. Simeons theories and seeing how well the homeopathic HCG drops work with the HCG protocol, I came full circle and began recommending it to my own family. My sister, brother, daughter Melinda, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law have all done the diet using our homeopathic HCG drops with great results.

Word has spread rapidly, and we've grown rapidly, but our company is still family owned and operated and ready to serve you!

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Management Support Team

Co-founder with Milt, David takes care of website development, marketing and sales.

Melinda manages our Facebook site as well as answering emails about diet questions. Having completed the HCG diet, she has helped many of our customers also achieve success.

Brenda manages our shipping department as well as inventory management to ensure timely delivery of your product.

Our managing editor, Ben writes, edits and helps produce our printed materials, articles, and videos.

Team Members Behind The Scenes: Other team members in our close-knit family company include our shipping crew, our chef (HCG recipe-creation wizard), and website team all working very closely with the goal to deliver quality products and support to help you succeed.

Why HealthyHCG.com?

One of the pioneers in the industry, HealthyHCG.com was built from the ground up as a small family company with personalized, expert service ... not like businesses that use big call centers overseas ... or marketing firms with million-dollar infomercials who plan to aggessively hard-sell you over the phone and then turn around and sell your contact information to other businesses.

You'll also benefit from our solid medical background, unlike other companies who are only marketers out to sell HCG to make a buck. (Keeping in mind, of course, that we do not and cannot dispense medical advice - only your doctor can do that.)

We've grown primarily by word of mouth -- a testament to how well our program works.

HealthyHCG.com is a distribution company for HCG products and materials. Our programs are based entirely on Dr. Simeons' manuscript "Pounds and Inches" with the added benefit of the new HCG drops product.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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