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How To Buy HCG Drops (Oral HCG)

If you want to purchase HCG drops but don't know how much HCG to buy, or which plan is best, this page should help. Take a look at the following chart:

Your Goal Recommended Plan   HCG Amount   How long HCG will last:
At Max Dosage* At Min. Dosage**
5 - 14 lbs. Basic HCG Weight Loss Program 1 oz. 17 days 21 days***
15 - 30 lbs. Standard HCG Weight Loss Program 2 oz. 34 days 42 days
30 lbs.+ Ultimate HCG Weight Loss Program 3 oz. 51 days 63 days
* Max Dosage = 15 drops (0.5 ml), 3x per day (or equivalent)
** Min. Dosage = 12 drops (0.4 ml), 3x per day (or equivalent: 6 drops 6x per day is common)
*** May last 24 days if measured carefully. You need 23 days of drops for Dr. Simeons minimum-recommended 26-day plan.

As you can see, to buy HCG drops you need to have an idea of how long the bottle will last, because the number of days you are on the drops is directly linked to weight loss results. And how long it lasts is based on your dosage.

Some companies are deliberately vague about how much you need and will recommend a lot more than you'll actually use. We've carefully measured our bottles and the above chart will tell you honestly how long the bottles will last. That said, we've been a little conservative to make sure you don't run out. You'll also notice some variance in the numbers - that's because there are a number of factors involved (we take this seriously - if you really want to know the nitty-gritty details, send us an email).

In this chart you'll see that we're conservative. The lower number in the weight loss range is at or below actual average HCG diet results from our customer base. It appears to be a very reasonable goal to work towards and to expect. Other companies use weight loss claims skewed towards only the best success stories, and not the average.

Dr. Simeons explains that a plan should last no less than 26 days (23 days of drops). So the Basic Plan (1 oz bottle) may not last for a 26 day plan, but many customers have stretched out a Basic Plan to 23 days of drops with success simply by taking 10-11 drops per dose OR by more careful measurement.

Maximum or minimum dose? We can't tell you because it is very individual. Most of our customers seem to do just fine on the minimum dose. It is, however, better to have too much than not enough; plus, with extra drops you'll have the option to increase doses or even your plan length.

Our best, simplified recommendation? Pick your plan based on the "Your Goal" column. Or, if you just want the best deal possible on oral HCG, then go with Ultimate.

In the end ... don't worry - we give complete directions and instructions with all our Plans. Use the above chart as a guide and you can't go wrong. Plus, we've got you covered with our guarantee, so go ahead buy HCG from us with confidence.

NOTE: If you're looking for the 125 I.U. injection equivalent in oral HCG drops, you won't find it here because it is an impossible comparison (some websites we've seen deliberately try to mislead you into such a comparison). Homeopathic HCG is manufactured and administered in a different manner. The directions and dosage amounts we give above are based on Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States guidelines, which are different from HCG injections. We don't mind telling it to you straight -- because our homeopathic HCG drops work - we guarantee it. Don't listen to people who say otherwise.

What About HCG Diet Supplies?

After you have decided on a plan and added it to your shopping cart, consider some supplies and support products. They'll make the HCG diet easier, and will increase your success. Most people end up buying support products anyway -- so you might as well make life easy and include them with your order. Here are some tips:

The Quick-Start Guide covers all the essentials, so you don't HAVE to get the other manuals. However, if you want over 100 additional HCG-approved recipes and over 50 "after HCG diet" recipes or want further detail about approved foods ... we highly recommend getting the Ultimate HCG Diet Recipe Book.

As well, the Quick-Start Guide doesn't have tracking sheets or the HCG diet journal, which is HIGHLY recommended. So the best deal is to get the HCG Diet Support Materials Savings Pack at huge savings.

If you want to study the original protocol manual (Dr. Simeons' Pounds and Inches) but find it difficult to read and would rather listen instead, this is for you: Pounds and Inches audio CDs. You can listen to it at your leisure in your car or at home while going about the house.

This one's pretty simple. Almost all clinics give B-12 shots to HCG diet participants. Potassium-magnesium are common supplements for low-calorie diets. Stevia is one of the only approved sugar-substitutes and virtually everyone ends up buying Stevia to go along with the HCG diet. Finally, Weight Med kicks the HCG diet up a notch with a homeopathic metabolism and food-craving (appetite suppressant) formula. Again, none of it is absolutely required under the Pounds and Inches protocol, but they all serve a purpose and will help you get greater results. You can get all those items at huge savings in the Savings Package page.

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