Understanding HCG Diet Drops: Not a Sex Hormone

HCG, which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone produced only by women during pregnancy. It is the primary ingredient used to make HCG diet drops, a wildly popular weight loss aid. When people first hear that HCG comes from pregnant women, they often assume that HCG is a sex hormone of some kind. Sometimes they wonder if HCG drops will make their body think it's pregnant or have other sexual effects.

Although HCG is produced by pregnant women, that doesn't automatically make it a sex hormone.

It helps to understand what hormones really are. Some people think all hormones are sexual, but that's just not true. Hormones are nothing more than chemical messengers. The human body uses them to regulate all kinds of functions, including sleep, healing, muscle growth, water retention, blood sugar levels, memory, quick energy--and the production of other hormones.

So HCG isn't a sex hormone. It's a peptide hormone, which means it's made of protein. HCG is produced by the developing embryo as soon as it implants and begins to grow. One thing HCG does is allow the mother to produce another hormone called progesterone, which helps create the blood vessels that deliver nutrients to the growing fetus. Because of this, HCG is critical to the development and early growth of the fetus. In fact, without HCG, it would be impossible for a woman to carry a pregnancy to full term.

Dr. ATW Simeons discovered another function of HCG and used it to pioneer the HCG weight loss protocol. He discovered that HCG mobilizes the mother's stored fat supply and moves it into the bloodstream. This helps ensure that the mother can always provide enough nutrients to the developing fetus, even if she's undernourished or can't keep anything down due to morning sickness.

This process of fat mobilization has nothing to do with sexual functions. It works the same whether it comes from the developing fetus or from HCG diet drops, and it works the same way for men and women. A man taking HCG diet drops for weight loss suffers no sexual effects whatsoever. When HCG is assimilated into the blood stream, it simply mobilizes the stored fat supply and puts it into the blood stream where the body can consume it for energy.

So next time you hear someone say "HCG? Isn't that a sex hormone?" you know exactly what to say.
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