How The HealthyHCG Program Can Change Your Life

Wondering why you should you try the HealthyHCG program? Here are the amazing benefits you can expect!

Note: These benefits and testimonials relate to our PREVIOUS product, "homeopathic HCG". We now have a NEW, IMPROVED formula, Nano Diet Drops designed as an alternative, hormone free solution for Dr. Simeons' protocol. Results from this new program are already changing lives for the better! Read success stories here.

"I LOVED THE HCG DIET. I had tried everything to loose weight. I was so fat it was depressing. I am now over 25.8 pounds lighter, I am so happy. Not only was it quick but it taught me how to eat properly and be satisfied without eating all the junk food. I feel healthier, happier and all around great. My friends and I did it together as a group, we supported each other... We have all lost over 20 pounds. I had to go shopping, my clothes were just to large for me. I shopped in stores that I had not shopped in in over 5 years. And when some of the clothes were too BIG ... I just cried. This has turned everything around for me. I have recommended HCG to lots of people and most of my friends have started or are starting the HCG diet. It changes your life and it helps you set a new life style for yourself to keep your self healthy." - Ginny, Chantilly, Virginia

You can imagine how it'd feel to hit that 20 - 30 pound mark or more ... but what if you "only" lost 10 - 15 pounds during your first try at the HCG diet ... and kept it off? Consider for a minute: How long has it been -- how many diet or exercise programs have you sweated over, agonized over, spent a lot of money on ... and failed to lose even 5 or 10 pounds, or gained it back?

Over a 30 day period, on average our customers lose 0.73 lbs per day or 5.1 pounds WEEKLY during the program. That's an average of 21.9 pounds in 30 days ... without exercise! Our figures show that even so-called "minimum" results would give you fantastic compared to typical weight loss plans ... 94.2% of participants lose at least 0.4 lbs per day (almost 3 lbs per week). But more commonly, HCG dieters can lose 1 or often 2 pounds per DAY in the first week.

Picture yourself loosening that belt several notches - dropping a couple of dress sizes or more - getting a second look by co-workers or questions from family who wonder how you're doing it! :-)

"I am astonished...I can't believe the difference 25 pounds has made. I feel more confident and look more attractive. I forgot how pretty I was! I'm glad I made the decision. I look better and feel better. My skin looks beautiful and my hair is growing like a weed. This is a product that actually works. I've tried everything...this really works. I can't help but smile. I even walk different, because...I just feel happy. I set out to do something, stuck with it and for once, got the results I was promised. I want to do another 15 to 20 pounds, but this time instead of wondering if it will come off I KNOW its coming off! Follow the plan and you won't be disappointed." - Ms. Shelton, Maryland

"I'm very surprised at (1) how effective this program is and (2) how easy it is to follow ... I am ecstatic about the 26.4 lbs I've lost so far and am excited to continue on this journey and follow up with another round or two before getting to my goal weight. This diet is retraining me on how to eat. It is, by far, the BEST decision I ever made in reference to diets and making eating habit changes. I highly recommend that anyone interested in committing to an easy, though life-changing diet TRY THIS. Results are immediate and amazing. I lost 11.2 lbs in just the first week. It's hard to accept something that seems so unreal. But, this IS real. It IS effective. I am hypothyroid and have Hashimoto's on top of it. Finding a weight-loss program that works is VERY difficult. Yet, this one works, regardless of my autoimmune issues. Try it. You'll be amazed at the results you see!" - RacerWife7, Ramsey, NJ

QUICK Results ... "Scale-Shock" (The Good Kind!) Starts On Day 1

The HealthyHCG program is like Christmas every day when you step on the scale! You'll first go through a 2-day loading/preparation period, after which the main program starts (Core Phase) ... that's when you'll see the weight start dropping off like there's no tomorrow.

Most people see the most weight loss in the first week. Jeff, our own customer service manager, lost 5 pounds his first day on the Core Phase!

Satisfying results will keep you motivated to keep going - particularly in the first week while you become conditioned to the program. Some people have a few rough spots or plateaus, but knowing how far you've come, and continuing to lose weight over the course of the program is the key.

"This diet has given me the motivation to continue to eat healthy and now even actively exercise. Before I lacked motivation because it too took so long to get results, where with the HCG diet the results on the scale are immediate. This allowed me to not give up!" - Danielle, Southern, New Jersey

"Everything that the Healthy HCG website said would happen did happen on this diet. I am a total convert ... All in all I felt great during the diet and I've lost 20 pounds in 32 days! I probably could have lost more but I cheated a few times. But seriously, 20 pounds!!??? in 32 days???!!! That would have taken FOREVER normally. Thank you Healthy HCG." - Sara, Maine

"I would recommend the HCG diet to anyone who wants to lose weight and see results much faster than normal diets, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, etc. Because you see results almost everyday, it keeps you motivated to adhere to the diet and know that you will continue to see wonderful numbers on the scale and a new figure!" - Patty, St. Louis, Missouri

You'll Lose INCHES - Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans

Newbie dieters focus on the bathroom scale ... but did you know you can lose weight and still look the same? Furthermore, you could be losing muscle instead. Muscle weighs more than fat ... so on bad "starvation" diets much of the weight loss is actually heavier muscle.

When you are losing FAT you are also losing INCHES ...

"I have more energy and feel great. I see more results in inches than the scale. However, my clothes are falling off me. I would recommend this diet program to others. I am a witness it worked for me and my co-worker, her sister, and her mom. Great product!" - Yolanda Carter, Bradenton, Florida

"I actually loved this (20 lbs in 23 days) I am planning another session after the holidays. I have maintained this weight for almost a month, and it has been great I am not quite to my goal weight but I will be soon. This is awesome. I have to go shopping for pants because just after the 20 days I have saggy britches. I can fit into a size smaller than what I was in!!!" - Jay, Colorado

"I have not finished the 30 days yet. I am thrilled with the 13 pounds so far. But the inches are most important to me. The BACK FAT is falling away. SO THRILLED!" - Tryon, North Carolina

"Overall, I have lost 22 pounds and many inches around my waist/hips. I've dropped from a size 8/10 to a size 2. I haven't been this small in 9 years, and it is great! I feel so much better about how I look. For anyone who has struggled with weight loss, this is definitely the way to go!" - Cassandra, Grand Rapids, MI

A Thinner, More Sexy You!

When your clothing gets looser and looser -- and starts hanging off your increasingly slender figure -- forcing you to shop for new clothes (what a nice problem to have!) ... people who knew you before will do the "double-take".

As one of our customers put it: "My husband has a new gleam in his eye when he looks at me!"

"I am thrilled with the results of my HCG diet, not only the actual pounds lost but the inches! The combination of both in such a short amount of time is phenomenal! Co-workers, friends and family are amazed at how stunning the results have been. I am answering e-mails and messages on facebook on a daily basis, everyone wants to know how I accomplished these results so quickly...I haven't felt this good in almost 10 years (extra weight had been piling on, year after year) ...Thank you Healthy HCG, for a wonderful product and an amazing support group. I don't believe I could have accomplished this feat without the whole bundle." - D. Lozon, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada

"I have struggled with trying to lose weight for a long time. I set a goal to lose 20 pounds and I did it! I've received a ton of compliments on how good I look now, even from strangers and coworkers! Of course, now I'm hooked... I'm actually excited about shopping for clothes again and I should never be mistakenly congratulated for being pregnant when I'm not again! I would definitely recommend this program to people who are struggling to lose weight! It's such a thrill and rather surreal to see the scale keep going down when you weigh yourself in the morning, and feel your clothes get looser and looser!" - Dawn, Maryland

"While my loss was small, only 10 pounds in 30 days, I am still pleased with the results. I'm 60 years old and have had a lot of difficulty losing any weight so I'm grateful for my loss. Also, I found this to be a 'large' 10 lbs. I fit into clothing that fit when my weight was lower than it currently is. I feel I lost fat rather than muscle. Thank you so much!" - Karen, NJ

Finally, a Solution to Your Stubborn Fat Deposits - The "Problem Areas"

We all have them, and hate them. The unsightly areas that collect fat easily and your body clings to, as if your life depended on it. (Dr. Simeons' says that's exactly what your body is thinking!) It's the first to gain fat and the LAST to leave.

It's the "thunder thighs", the pot belly, the back fat, the swinging underarms. Now, we can't "promise the moon" , but Dr. Simeons was very clear that HCG tells the body to release these fat deposits. The "chubby face" is gone. Your waist starts to re-appear.

Here's what our customers have to say:

"I am extremely pleased with the results received from Healthy HCG. Within a day or two, I was losing weight I didn't even know I had. I am not overweight and I work out regularly. However, I have always had excess weight on my hips and butt area that I could not get rid of. I have tried other diets and this was the only one that targeted that area and worked. I would highly recommend this diet to others. It definitely works and the results are very obvious. If you follow the plan you will see results fast." - Christine Martinez, California

"I am so pleased, not only have I lost 10 pounds in 11 days, but I have dissolved the fat pockets that where bothering me. I am so pleased I have done this. If you have some weight to take off and want a for sure plan, if you stick to it, it works. You will lose weight, skin will look great and you feel amazingly wonderful. I myself am never hungry." - Tammera in California

"I saw amazing results in the areas I wanted to lose in. No matter how much excercise or diet nothing worked on my hips, thighs and butt like HCG drops did. I am very happy I bought and tried the product. Bottom line it WORKS! Some don't want to share their secret to others because they don't want others to look and feel good. Not me, I see people who are just like me with daily struggles and why not inspire and encourge others that they to can do this diet and have success." - Tara, Oklahoma

FEEL Better, More Confident, Have More Energy

When the pounds and inches come off, it's amazing how much better you'll feel!

"I am still amazed!!!! Every morning I'm getting up and looking into the mirror and still see myself 27 pounds less - wearing 4 sizes smaller pants (sometimes even 5!), seeing my face skinnier, my belly smaller. I feel wonderful and going around with my new found self esteem growing every day. This was one of my best decisions for a long time without a doubt! I'm back doing exercise and feel very good about my physical self. I finished the program over 2 weeks ago and have no problem keeping my diet healthy and keeping my weight the same. I discovered new tastes and new ways in the culinary world and have no regrets loosing some as well. I do recommend this program to everybody, who feels they had no success loosing unwanted weight. This program do work, you will loose the weight and will learn a new lifestyle what will keep you healthy and vigorous." - Csilla, Canada

"I was at my breaking point. I'm young and overweight, and that is all I could see in myself. My doctor had concern over my health and I was completely embarrassed. I said "no more" and I was desperate to find something that would give me results fast so I could stay motivated. That was 6 weeks ago. I have lost 36 pounds since that day in just 40 days. I am back to my premarital weight, I feel great, I'm not self conscious anymore. My husband is so proud of me, and now I feel like I can be that confident 24 year old again." - Calli, Texas

"I love love love the results. I feel great and love the way I look in clothes! My self esteem is sky high right now. HCG worked wonders for me. I'm so glad I chose to purchase at HealthyHCG." - Karen, California

"I feel like a new person just bursting with energy. I plan to go another round as soon as the holidays are over. I recommend this diet to anyone who is having trouble losing weight. It takes some getting used to but is totally worth it in the end." - Jazzy, Edmond, Oklahoma

"Sure, But Will I KEEP The Weight Off?"

What good would it do to lose all that weight and not keep it off? Our customers have been very successful at maintaining their weight loss ...

"I have low blood sugar and thought I would not be able to do this diet. It did not bother me at all. In fact, I really felt better. I was not hungry. It was very encouraging to see the weight come off every day. I am just starting my second round. I am very excited about this. Very important, the weight does not come back like other diets. I recommend this diet to any one. I have a girlfriend who lost 37 pounds in the same amount of time. It is great for your metabolism. It is easier to get the weight off and keep it off." - Karen, Wichita Falls, TX

"I have one more week of my maintenance phase to complete and I was so worried about gaining my weight back. Instead, after 2 weeks now I have lost another pound!! I measured myself this morning and I have lost an incredible 8 more inches! My chest is now 37" waist 31", hips 37" tummy 33.5"." - Karen, Az

"I have lost 12 pounds since being on HCG and have kept it off now in stabilization. It was the best weight loss decision I have ever made and I feel much more comfortable with my body. I went from 132 to 120 in 3 weeks! It seemed too good to be true, or an easy fix. But the truth is, it was challenging in the beginning but only the 1st 3 days. After that I got used to the diet, and now a week into phase 3 I haven't gained 1 pound back!" - Gizem, Austin, TX

But a big reason you can kiss the yo-yo problem good bye is ...

You'll Automatically Create Better Habits ... You're In Control

Habits are difficult to change. True! What's so amazing about our HCG program is that habits change along with it. You're not left hanging. The program gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to maintain long-term.

The diet is (1) cleansing. Rid your body of all the processed junk you are so used to eating! And (2) a retraining process. The program will automatically cause you to step back and figure out what foods work for you and what foods don't. You'll know what to steer clear of!

"It seems the brain is almost "reprogrammed" to eat the appropriate foods in the appropriate amounts during the diet. Basically, to make the right choices. My metabolism has changed and I feel absolutely great! This is an excellent product that truly works. The health benefits of weight loss go without saying, but the effects of the HCG protocol go well beyond that. As I mentioned above, it's almost as if your brain is reprogrammed to recognize true hunger and make healthier choices. I highly recommend the product and plan to begin the diet again after the maintenance period." - Jill, Oklahoma

"I am currently in the stabilization phase and I'm doing great! I've fluctuated only .2 lbs (yes, that's 2-tenths of a pound!) each day since the start of stabilization. During the drops portion of the diet, I lost 30.6 lbs! That's in just 40 days! I wasn't hungry (which is almost unbelievable to me) and I really loved the foods I ate - I'm still eating the same types of foods, too - much healthier! I've found that some of the "bad-for-me" foods I used to eat don't taste good anymore - including my formerly beloved Diet Coke! I'm a water junkie now. :) This diet is re-training me on how to eat properly. BEST thing I've ever done for myself! Don't be swayed by the nay-sayers' negativity. Anyone who speaks negatively about this diet couldn't POSSIBLY have tried it and followed protocol. WELL worth the time and money. Follow the rules and you'll lose - it's as simple as that." - Janet, Ramsey, NJ

Will I Be Hungry On The Diet?

You are probably thinking "no way I can do 500 calories a day". And you would be right, without HCG or HCG-like agent! ... and without Dr. Simeons' carefully crafted food guidelines. One of the most amazing aspects to this program is that the low-calorie aspect turns out to be no problem for most people. The first week may require additional effort and adjustment but the first week is ALSO where you'll see the MOST weight loss, so it keeps you excited to continue.

"I am in love with this product! At first, I thought I could not ever maintain my activities on 500 calories a day, but I have more energy now than ever. I see results everyday, and I didn't have to buy any expensive equipment or memberships or change my schedule to try and fit in long workouts ... I would recommend HCG to everyone, don't let the 500 calories a day scare you. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but you will not be hungry and you will have energy and feel great! I just took a nutrition class last quarter and followed the advice of the Nutritionist teaching the class, I was eating 2200-2500 calories a day of healthy foods, I was using a special program to keep track of everything, so I wouldn't have too much fat, sugar, calories, etc. Instead of losing 1 -2 lbs a week, I gained weight. Frustrating! HCG has been a lifesaver, it keeps you motivated and makes your weight loss dreams a reality!" - Erica, Port Angeles, Washington

"I am 55 years old and I've tried every diet program in the book. This has been the easiest. I did not get hungry, even on just 500 cal. per day. There were lots of days I ate less than 500 calories, because I just wasn't hungry. I am in my stabilization period now, and I have not gained any weight. I am amazed at how my body looks. I lost inches all over. IT'S GREAT. I can hardly wait until my maintenance period is over, so I can start my drops again. I still have about 50 pounds to lose." - G McNeely, Deville, LA

"I have to admit I was skeptical upon starting the diet. Even with the encouragement of my co-worker, I truly didn't believe I would be able to function on the 500 calorie diet. Amazingly, I did very well...even to the point where I didn't require all 500 calories. Also worth noting, is that the limited food selection was very satisfying. I am an emotional eater and had no cravings for sweets or fatty foods." - Jill, Oklahoma City

"This is the first diet I have been on where I wasn't actually hungry. Before, I was absolutely ravenous, all the time!!! Thank you for the opportunity of using your product. I have tried and failed with every other weight loss program but this one has kept my appetite under control and the weight has been coming off steadily." - Nancy, Louisiana

"I really was afraid of the VLCD needed with HCG, but I have found that at times I have to force myself to eat, which sounds crazy. I can't believe it, that almost every time I get on the scale, its a smaller number. I have never seen results like this. I wanted results fast and have definitely got them with Healthy HCG. It has been years since I have been able to shop at all the mall stores. I know 22 pounds doesn't sound like that much but I did go from a size 18 to a 14 in a little over a month on my first round. I have already ordered my drops for an additional round after the holidays and just can't wait!!" - Amy A., Colorado

Exercise: Love It Or Hate It? ... No Problem!

You either enjoy some type of exercise ... or you hate it altogether. Either way, you're ok on the HealthyHCG diet program. You can do light exercise during the diet, but it's not required. If you are very active or want to exercise a lot, we can even customize a plan ... or just wait until you're done. It's a SHORT diet plan after all!

But the vast majority of HCG dieters DON'T exercise and it's not needed. It's as simple as that. Perhaps you exercise religiously and STILL cannot lose the weight? This program was made for you:

"Since beginning the Healthy HCG drops 15 days ago, I've lost 10 pounds. I have tried many other diets, and they didn't work. I can exercise until my legs fall off, and my body will still only lose so much weight before it seems to refuse to let go of any more... With the Healthy HCG drops, I have reached a weight level I haven't seen in years." - Gwen, Pensacola, FL

"I lost 10 pounds in a month and 6 1/4 inches. I am only 4' 11" and that made a big difference for me. I did not exercise at all while I was taking the drops. Before HCG I was walking 3 miles a day and barely losing a pound a week." - Jeannie, Wagoner, Oklahoma

"Although I have a fairly sedentary job, I do exercise regularly and for the summer months I actually hiked 1-2 miles per day before work. Although I was in great shape, I was not able to lose the extra baggage. It was wonderful to be able to lose that 20 pounds that I have been fighting for nearly 30 years. I am so pleased with the results that I am actually contemplating doing another 21-day plan to see if I can get down to my WBM (Weight Before Marriage)! I should also note that my wife lost 24 pounds in the same time frame. She does not have the luxury of exercising because she has been confined to using crutches for the past 2 years as the result of an injury. We are both very pleased with the results." - Brian, Malad City, ID

Save Money!

Not only are our drops affordable, but you can actually SAVE money during the diet because you are eating less. Depending on your shopping habits, the money you spend on the program can return just by the grocery savings alone.

"I can't believe how much my appearance has changed. I feel better about myself and my body feels much better too. The results were quick ... I loved the results so much that I'm going to go on it again in another few weeks. The money you spend on the drops is recouped by not spending at the grocery store. It doesn't take many groceries to eat 500 calories a day, even if you spend a little more on the quality of your purchase. I figured my money was completely back plus the extra savings after just 2 weeks of shopping. Can't beat that." - CH, Southeast, Kansas

"My decision to purchase HCG has been one of my best decisions yet. I have Lost weight and inches and I can now fit easily into my skinny clothes. Everyday I can't wait to jump on the scale. HCG diet works. I have tried Nutri Systems, Weight Watchers they only worked for a couple of pounds and I never achieved my goal weight. The other diets took too long. HCG is quick and easy. I have learned to eat differently and my grocery bill has been cut by 75%. I have had no side effects, no urges, no shakes, no mood swings, the drops help keep me from being hungry. I love this diet! I work full time and I was able to do the drops eat according to plan without any effort. Everyone looks at me and says "wow how did you do it"? I tell them, HCG." - Patti, Reform, Alabama


The HealthyHCG program is affordable and guaranteed: To top it off, those are RISK-FREE dollars - you're covered by our Triple Guarantee and Replacement Safeguard.

Just few risk-free, give-it-a-try dollars to see the pounds melt away for good is the best imaginable investment in yourself.

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