How The HealthyHCG Program Can Change Your Life

Wondering why you should you try the HealthyHCG program? Here are the amazing benefits you can expect!

Over a 30 day period our customers lose an average of 0.73 lbs per day or 5.1 pounds WEEKLY during the program (based on customer surveys). That's an average of 21.9 pounds in 30 days ... without exercise! They simply followed the HCG diet plan and used Nano Diet Drops.

You can imagine how it'd feel to hit that 20 - 30 pound mark or more ... but what if you "only" lost 10 - 15 pounds during your first try at the HCG diet?

We have a very high success rate: 94.2% of participants lose at least 0.4 lbs per day (almost 3 lbs per week). How many diet or exercise programs have you sweated over, agonized over, spent a lot of money on ... and failed to lose even 5 or 10 pounds, or gained it back? Note that it is common to lose most of the weight near the beginning, which as you can imagine is very motivating.

Picture yourself loosening that belt several notches - dropping a couple of dress sizes or more - getting a second look by co-workers or questions from family who wonder how you're doing it! :-)

QUICK Results ... "Scale-Shock" (The Good Kind!) Starts On Day 1

The HealthyHCG program is like Christmas every day when you step on the scale! You'll first go through a 2-day loading/preparation period, after which the main program starts (Core Phase) ... that's when you'll see the weight start dropping off like there's no tomorrow.

Most people see the most weight loss in the first week. Jeff, our own customer service manager, lost 5 pounds his first day on the Core Phase!

Satisfying results will keep you motivated to keep going - particularly in the first week while you become conditioned to the program. Some people have a few rough spots or plateaus, but knowing how far you've come, and continuing to lose weight over the course of the program is the key.

You'll Lose INCHES - Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans

Newbie dieters focus on the bathroom scale ... but did you know you can lose weight and still look the same? Furthermore, you could be losing muscle instead. Muscle weighs more than fat ... so on bad "starvation" diets much of the weight loss is actually heavier muscle.

When you are losing FAT you are also losing INCHES ...

A Thinner, More Sexy You!

When your clothing gets looser and looser -- and starts hanging off your increasingly slender figure -- forcing you to shop for new clothes (what a nice problem to have!) ... people who knew you before will do the "double-take".

FEEL Better, More Confident, Have More Energy

When the pounds and inches come off, it's amazing how much better you'll feel!

"Sure, But Will I KEEP The Weight Off?"

What good would it do to lose all that weight and not keep it off? Our customers have been very successful at maintaining their weight loss.

But a big reason you can kiss the yo-yo problem good bye is ...

You'll Automatically Create Better Habits ... You're In Control

Habits are difficult to change. True! What's so amazing about our HCG program is that habits change along with it. You're not left hanging. The program gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to maintain long-term.

The diet is (1) cleansing. Rid your body of all the processed junk you are so used to eating! And (2) a retraining process. The program will automatically cause you to step back and figure out what foods work for you and what foods don't. You'll know what to steer clear of!

Will I Be Hungry On The Diet?

You are probably thinking "no way I can do 500 calories a day". And you would normally be right ... without Dr. Simeons' carefully crafted protocol. One of the most amazing aspects to this program is that hunger turns out to be no problem for most people. If it's there, it's mild and customers say it is mostly mental. The first week may require additional effort and adjustment but the first week is ALSO where you'll see the MOST weight loss, so it keeps you excited to continue.

Exercise: Love It Or Hate It? ... No Problem!

You either enjoy some type of exercise ... or you hate it altogether. Either way, you're ok on the HealthyHCG diet program. You can do light exercise during the diet, but it's not required. If you are very active or want to exercise a lot, we can even customize a plan ... or just wait until you're done. It's a SHORT diet plan after all!

But the vast majority of HCG dieters DON'T exercise and it's not needed. It's as simple as that. Perhaps you exercise religiously and STILL cannot lose the weight? This program was made for you:

Save Money!

Not only are our drops affordable, but you can actually SAVE money during the diet because you are eating less. Depending on your shopping habits, the money you spend on the program can return just by the grocery savings alone.


The HealthyHCG program is affordable and guaranteed: You're covered by our Triple Guarantee and Replacement Safeguard.

Just few risk-free, give-it-a-try dollars to see the pounds melt away for good is the best imaginable investment in yourself.

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