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Top 5 Reasons To Buy At HealthyHCG.com

  1. You'll Lose The Weight! Our diet program flat-out works - read all about the benefits and why our new Nano Diet Drops are the best choice for anyone following the HCG diet protocol.

  2. 100% Money-Back "Triple Guarantee" - You won't find a stronger, more hassle-free, risk-free offer to try the diet without risking a penny! Because we're confident that with our product you won't need it! :-) Many companies out there, especially clinics and overseas suppliers of injectible HCG, will not give your money back for any reason.

  3. 100% HPUS Compliant (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) Diet Drops - Made in USA! - Guaranteed Fresh direct from manufacturer - Low, competitive prices with complete packages.

  4. FREE Support - Unlimited email and phone support! Member-only area with extra tips, diet drops discounts and recipes!

  5. Fast Shipping - Many companies will take weeks to ship, without telling you ahead of time. We'll ship your diet drops package the same day before 4:00PM Eastern. (Read below for details.)

  6. Honesty, Accurate Information - There's a lot of misinformation and myths about the HCG diet out there. Here, you'll benefit from honest, clear presentation and instruction, including genuine testimonials from real customer feedback, with averaged results (not just the top losers). Also, we fully explain our exciting new Nano Diet Drops formula, exactly how it works, and the science behind it, instead of deceiving you like other companies who sell "fake" HCG made to look like real HCG (for instance, a product called "hormone-free", with HCG in big letters).

We Also Guarantee...

CORRECT Dosage. We guarantee we won't reduce the potency in order to sell you more product. We've carefully examined what homeopathic dosages should be used and that is exactly what you will be getting.

Made In USA - FDA Registered Lab
Would you risk buying an FDA-regulated product from a classified ad, the guy on the corner, or from an overseas company outside of the U.S. legal jurisdiction? Our Nano Diet Drops product is produced in an FDA-registered laboratory. The manufacturer has been in business for 20 years and rigorously follows Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs).

Quality of Diet Drops
Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) is only the beginning. Our drops are prepared in a clean room environment, undergoing microbiological testing to rule out contamination. Every mother tincture is cold percolated for at least 14 days. It is also agar-plate cultured in an incubator for 48 hours before the next stage of manufacturing. Manufacturing includes the purest pH-balanced water controlled by a 5-stage reverse osmosis water filter, a UV light bacterial eliminator, water softening, and desired microwater pH regulation. Hypoallergenic Kosher certified and Organic alcohol is used as our base to guarantee purity.

Enhanced Quality Verification utilizes a triple check process, a thorough and precise paper trail, and stringent procedures. This ensures the accuracy, potency, and safety of the formulation before product is shipped. Test samples of every batch are retained detailed records ensure that issues and questions can be resolved if they arise.

Only the highest quality, natural raw materials are used. Those materials are processed with time-tested methods that maximize their purity and energy. They are formulated to contain the right homeopathic potencies based on research and practitioners' clinical experience. All raw materials are verified for safety and efficacy and are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis. The result is scrutinized and compared against previous lots and standards to ensure the highest possible quality, and then archived for reference.

Clear, Easy Instructions (Original Research)
We've spent hundreds of hours researching Dr. Simeon's protocol, monitoring our customer's results, and compiling the resulting information into clear instructional material you can count on! Other companies simply borrow and copy-and-paste from other websites without fully understanding the protocol. Recipes in particular are a challenge. While other companies copy online recipes, which may or may not be fully compliant with the HCG protocol, we've gone out of our way to employ a professional chef to create original HCG recipes. We've also painstakingly gone through each recipe and checked them for accuracy and compliance.

Our original, copyrighted manuals include: Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Protocol QuickStart Guide (which is actually a comprehensive guide!), Starter Recipes booklet, Pocket Guide, Ultimate HCG Recipe Guide, Pounds and Inches Audio CD's, and original articles posted here on the website. Extras include magnets, wallet cards and a member area. You can find these materials in the products area. Every Diet Drops package includes the key instruction manuals and materials you need. These materials are professionally designed, HARDCOPY manuals so you don't have to print them yourself.

Genuine HCG Diet Testimonials & Success Stories
You can rest assured that all our testimonial are based on real feedback from our customers (read them here and here). We guarantee they are genuine, and we have documented their responses in our database for verification. These testimonials are only a fraction of all the success stories out there; most customers are busy, shy, or forget to email us ... but they DO tell their friends! Our company has largely grown by word of mouth referrals.

Fast Priority Shipping on Nano Diet Drops Packages
We process and ship your order on the same day if you order before 4:00 PM Eastern Time. You can read shipping policies via the footer link on this site, or here.

ONE-TIME Payment - Absolutely No Rebilling!
You've probably been burned before with rebilling that continues month after month - either without your consent or it wasn't made clear. We don't do that! When you buy Diet Drops from us, it's a ONE-TIME payment. We absolutely do not automatically set you up for rebilling every month. You are always in control of your purchases and we promise to be very clear about the amount of your purchases and when it happens.
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