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There's a myth spreading around concerning the correct dosage for homeopathic HCG drops. We'd like to show you what's going on to make sure you're headed down the right path.

The main claim is that the “correct” dose is actually double what is accepted as the standard by established HCG manufacturers and HCG companies. You're led to believe that the standard HCG drops dose is 60 drops/day (250 I.U.) — not true.

If you buy from such an HCG source, either 1) the HCG is less potent (so you have to buy more to get the same effect) ... or 2) you are taking too much, which can reverse results. And in either case, you are spending too much money for your HCG diet plan by buying more hcg than you have to.

If you believe us that we're selling our HCG based on correct dosage amounts, you can skip this page and order hcg drops here.

Otherwise ...

Let's Dive In To The Details

First, look at these excerpts from Dr. Simeons' “Pounds and Inches”:

“...125 I.U., which is the standard dose for all cases and which should never be exceeded ..."
"... if the daily dose of HCG is raised to 200 or more units daily its action [weight loss] often appears to be reversed, possibly because larger doses evoke diencephalic counterregulations."

Linda Prinster's book “HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide” is sometimes used as a source of authoritative information, but in the case of the "double dose" claim, it is misinterpreted. Here's a chart directly from the 3rd Revision (2009), page 101:

Homeopathic HCGInjection HCG 
.5cc 3x per day125 I.U. 1x per dayMost participants feel fine at this level
.6cc 3x per day150 I.U. 1x per daySeveral participants feel better at this level
.7cc 3x per day175 I.U. 1x per dayA few participants feel better with a little more.
.8cc 3x per day200 I.U. 1x per dayRarely, a participant feels best at this level.

You can see according to Linda Prinster (and our experience as well), it is not common -- even rare – to need more than 125 I.U. or 0.5cc 3x per day. And 200 I.U., which is a lot LESS than even the double dose claim, RARELY helps ... not to mention Dr. Simeons' warning about reaching that level.

What is "0.5cc" ... and how many drops is that?

There is no exact measurement for a "drop", because it depends on the type of liquid, temperature and measurement device. Often, 20 drops per cc (ml) is used as a general guideline, but in our tests with ACTUAL homeopathic HCG and using the manufacturer-provided dropper, there are 30 drops per cc/ml.

That makes 0.5cc taken 3 times per day (1.5cc total) equal to 45 drops per day. (Even less if you use the generic 20 drops per ml guideline.)

Homeopathic HCG manufacturers themselves, who follow guidelines from the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, give a standard dose of around 10 to 12 drops, 3X per day. Twelve drops is the same as 0.4cc, which works out to be 36 drops or 1.2ml total per day.

Thus ... you do not need 60 drops per day, and taking HCG in such amounts could actually HARM your weight loss.

For our HCG product, we have consistently suggested a dose 12 - 15 drops (0.4 to 0.5 ml) per dose or 36 to 45 drops per day, and many customers actually discover they can use less.

Another Point of Dosage Confusion: It is impossible to mathematically convert I.U. directly to cc or ml. The only way comparisons between I.U. and homeopathic drops get created – such as in Prinster's chart above – is by approximations based on feedback from participants who have tried both methods (homeopathic versus injections) in order to discover parallels. Therefore it is mathematically impossible to compare I.U. injection amounts to numbers of drops of homeopathic HCG ... although you'll see some websites do it out of ignorance or in an attempt to mislead you about their product.

What is the correct dose of homeopathic HCG drops based upon?

Dr. Simeons’ I.U. amount (for injections) was an amount that, based on feedback from participants, was enough to act as the trigger to the body and brain (hypothalumus), no more, no less. It was 8,000 times less than the daily amount that women produce during pregnancy -- and 80 times less than the amount of HCG used for fertility treatments. HCG is basically used to “wake up” the fat-releasing mechanism in the body (brain) — and that wake-up call apparently only requires a “nudge”. It doesn't require huge amounts of HCG.

An effective dose of homeopathic HCG drops is the same: it is an amount determined to cause the body to respond to the desired effect, based on participants' results.

That "effective dose" of homeopathic HCG has been firmly established by HCG authorities, HCG manufacturers, legitimate HCG companies, and hundreds of thousands of HCG participants worldwide. We've already mentioned it above: 1.2 to 1.5 cc (ml) per day (36 – 45 drops per day). While you could experiment with slightly higher doses (which stands little chance of helping), DOUBLING your dose is out of the question as it goes against all standard knowledge about homeopathic hcg drops.
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