NEW "Nano" Diet Drops
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How the emerging science of Nanopharmacology and a shocking admission by Dr. Simeons came together to produce a superior formula for his diet protocol — for the weight loss you've always wanted

Monday, August 2017

If you are interested in the HCG diet to lose weight this is a message you NEED to hear.

As you probably know, HCG has always been a prescription-only product. You can only buy it through a doctor. Sometime in 2008 companies began creating an over-the-counter version called "homeopathic HCG". It enjoyed tremendous success until December 2011 when the FDA put a halt to it, making it an illegal product.

In response, companies began removing the homeopathic HCG component, hoping their customers wouldn't notice. Most such products were labeled "hormone free HCG" (an impossible product).

We refused to join the crowd of companies trying to confuse and deceive their customers and the public. So we began some research and eventually found a breakthrough! It's a fascinating story and could be the key to your success in losing weight...

A Discovery Made 207 Years Ago
Now Increasingly Used By The Rich and Famous
(... and the "famously sexy" such as Jenifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, David Beckham and Orlando Bloom ... more on this later)

Listen — I think you'll agree that the "rich and famous" crowd has all the money they need to buy the best products and medical care in the world. And they do. They could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if they wanted to.

Instead of glitzy marketing campaigns — where celebrities and famous names are PAID to say the product is great — the secret is to look at what products they use in their private lives, off camera.

When we discovered famous and well-connected people were using a safe, effective, but little-known field of alternative health — largely outside the public eye — and that the FDA and other big medical institutions had tried to kill the movement years ago — we knew were were on to something.

This field is growing in popularity, but still largely unknown to the common person. But ironically it was first discovered well over 200 years ago. Medical institutions have ignored it for decades, and even tried to make it illegal. Scientists have only recently begun to appreciate this science.

The Power of Nano

Ever heard of nanotechnology or "nanotech" for short? It involves the scientific study of VERY small particles — particles on an atomic or molecular level ... so small it's almost impossible to imagine.

Well — it turns out there's a related field of study (you could call it a sister science to nanotech) — called "nanopharmacology". Unlike nanotech, it's completely safe and doesn't open as many ethical questions.

However, like nanotech, many believe nanopharmacology is a field with amazing potential to help you and me — to unlock the mysteries of healthier, leaner bodies, possibly even ridding the body of sickness and other disorders. (You may recall that Dr. Simeons called abnormal fat gain a disorder.)

Nanopharmacology is the study of how tiny amounts of certain chemicals interact with and affect your body. Here are a couple of common but fascinating examples from nature ...

Pheromones (hormones emitted by various animals and insects) can be detected when as little as a single molecule is received! Sharks can sense blood in the water at more than a mile away — a remarkable fact considering the volume of water in the ocean!

All living things — including you and I — develop a hypersensitivity to things that help ensure their survival. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Could Your "Hypersensitivity" Be The Key To
Unlocking a Healthier Body and Losing Weight?

Did you know when you are feeling sick — physically or emotionally — or have some other undesirable bodily condition — your symptoms are not a failure of your body? Instead, symptoms are proof — visible evidence — that your body is expending effort to fight some abnormality or stress. The cause is something else entirely.

Because the symptoms of your body mean your body is working toward the goal of HEALTH, it doesn't do any good to try to "attack" the symptoms. Getting rid of symptoms is a means to an end, not the primary goal. (By the way, conventional medicine and major pharmaceutical companies focus primarily on eliminating symptoms.)

Here's where it starts to get really interesting — when you are experiencing undesirable symptoms, your body becomes hypersensitive to any substance that may cause similar symptoms — even in the tiniest amounts. Sometimes the mere imprint of that chemical in an impressionable substance is recognized by the body.

That may sound strange at first. But remember our earlier examples from nature. It's actually quite common. Here's another way to explain it: hypersensitivity exists in nature partially because of a the law of resonance. A classic example: in music, whenever a "C" note is played on a piano or any other instrument, other "C" notes automatically vibrate. Other notes are not affected at all. Things that are alike automatically "resonate" with each other.

So given that background, here's how nanopharmacology works — and how your hypersensitive nature is a good thing ...

The first step in nanopharmacology is to find substances that — in large doses — actually CREATE the symptoms (remember that symptoms are not a problem to attack, but a clue to the underlying cause). Then a solution is prepared that contains extremely small or "nano" doses, using a special process. These nano-doses are recognized by the body because it is in a hypersensitive state.

When you take such a formula, what happens next is not a worsening of the condition.

Instead, your body does something marvelous (and not entirely understood) -- it begins a profound healing process. This remarkable fact is called "like cures like" or the "principle of similars". (If this sounds familiar, there's good reason: immunizations are based on the same principles, only in larger doses.)

Although why the body heals instead of worsening the condition is unknown, this principle of "like cures like" is known even in conventional medicine: radiation is used to treat people with cancer when radiation also causes cancer, digitalis is used for heart conditions when digitalis can also create heart conditions, among other examples.

But nanopharmacology gives you a benefit that you cannot find in conventional medicine: if the nano-dose is NOT a good match, your body responds by doing nothing. You are not hypersensitive to it, so it is not detected or recognized. In medical terms, it means you develop no undesirable side effects. That's a comforting fact! Compare that to your other options such as mass-marketed drugs or conventional medicines that have pages of fine-print disclosing all the dangerous things that could happen to you!

In the end, all doctors ultimately realize they don't heal anybody — only your body can do that. Your first goal should always be to trigger your body to heal itself, not pump yourself full of synthetic, unnatural drugs.

Where Homeopathic HCG Went Wrong

By now you may have recognized something. The exciting science of nanopharmacology is another term for homeopathy. We explained it the way we did in order to shift your thinking, because there is so much undeserved baggage about homeopathy.

In reality, it's a very valid and desirable alternative method to conventional medicine. Numerous movie and TV celebrities have benefited from homeopathy. Here are some that we know about: early stars such as Sarah Bernhardt, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Marlene Dietrich and John Wayne... and some of the modern-day stars, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lesley Ann Warren, Pamela Anderson, Jane Seymour, Suzanne Somers, Lindsay Wagner, Michael York, Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley, Jennifer Aniston, Jade Jagger, Tobey Maguire, and Orlando Bloom.

Even the FDA recognizes homeopathic ingredients. Back in 1938, after a battle with homeopathic doctors and scientists, they agreed to officially recognize a book called the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States — or HPUS for short. Any homeopathic ingredients available at that time were listed in that book, and are considered 100% legal by the FDA.

And that's one of the big problems with homeopathic HCG. It's new enough it isn't listed in the HPUS.

But the bigger problem is that homeopathic HCG will likely NEVER make it into the HPUS because it isn't based on the Principle of Similars. In its full dose (for example, in a pregnant woman) it doesn't cause any negative symptoms — certainly not the "symptoms" of excessive weight gain. In truth it does not follow pure nanopharmacological science.

Clearly homeopathic HCG did something good — because hundreds of thousands have used homeopathic HCG on the HCG diet to lose weight. Homeopathic HCG did have the trait of nano-dose technology. One possible explanation is that certain individuals were hypersensitive enough for their bodies to recognize the HCG and act outside the principle of similars. No one knows for sure.

You have to realize that homeopathic HCG was created as an over-the-counter version of HCG injections — a totally different option. It wasn't trying to be the same thing as injectable HCG — it was intended to be an easier method: drops under the tongue, at home (no doctor), no prescription. And that could only be done in a limited number of ways.

So the first formulations did the OBVIOUS: they started with HCG and attempted to create a homeopathic formulation from it. That put the word "HCG" on the label. Three magic letters that made it highly desirable.

Soon testimonials of people using it successfully with the HCG diet exploded — and advancement on other options came screeching to a halt (why fix what isn't broken?).

But it was really only the first step in terms of nanopharmacology science. Homeopathic HCG was really only a "version 1" product.

A Shocking Admission From Dr. Simeons

I have to warn you, this statement may make you uncomfortable if you are a previous HCG dieter. It's a quote directly from Dr. Simeons in a letter to the Lancet regarding his HCG research:

"What so many investigators seem to overlook is that human chorionic gonadotrophin [HCG] as such has no weight-reducing action whatsoever, nor has this ever been claimed to be the case ... "

Not exactly a thrilling thought. (Can't you just feel your confidence in HCG crumbling?)

But hold on ... read what he says next:

"The function of human chorionic gonadotrophin [HCG] is exclusively to make drastic reduction over a short period of time safe, comfortable and entirely confined to abnormal fat deposits."

Dr. Simeons explains that people who try to go on the strict diet without a fat-releasing agent like HCG end up "drawn and haggard and regain their weight rapidly as soon as they stop dieting".

Think about that for a moment...

HCG itself doesn't cause weight loss. It just makes fat readily available so a VLCD is possible to do more comfortably. It makes sense: even if your abnormal fat supply is circulating, ready and available to burn, if you're stuffing yourself with calories, your body has to do something with all that food! Of course it stored the extra food as fat. Yet if all you do is cut calories alone, you just end up starving yourself and having a bad experience.

"Your Amazingly Complicated Diencephalon"

So the real trick with weight loss is to find something that gets your abnormal, unwanted fat moving so it can be burned off easily and comfortably during dieting, in place of all that extra food you normally eat. Something that signals the brain to let go of the fat.

Dr. Simeons recognized that the part of your brain called the diencephalon — your hypothalumus — was the key to unlocking the problem with weight gain. But it's an exceedingly difficult part of our brain to target. As Dr. Simeons himself said:

"[The diencephalon] is the most complex organ in the human body ... the diencephalon's functional equilibrium is delicately poised, so that whatever happens in one part has repercussions in others. In [weight gain] this balance is out of kilter... On the other hand, the diencephalon is an extremely robust organ in spite of its unbelievable intricacy. From an evolutionary point of view it is one of the oldest organs in our body and its evolutionary history dates back more than 500 million years. This has tendered it extraordinarily adaptable to all natural exigencies, and that is one of the main reasons why the human species was able to evolve."

Dr. Simeons' HCG protocol is based on the assumption that HCG affects the hypothalamus. But in reality, it doesn't HAVE to be HCG. In truth, HCG is more of a conventional or Western medicine viewpoint — "let's INJECT a pharmaceutical into your body and see what happens!"

Is there another way to trigger the hypothalumus instead of a forced injection of a chemical? So your own body corrects its course and "heals itself" of your problem with weight gain? If the hypothalamus is so "extraordinarily adaptable", surely it could easily respond to the right stimulus?

The only other possible way known to science that could trigger such a complex process in the brain — safely, effectively — is of course homeopathy (nanopharmacology) ... because a complete brain-body-natural healing approach is exactly what the science is all about.

As we've said before, this mind-body link with homeopathy is probably the single reason why homeopathic HCG — even with its shortcomings — actually worked to the degree it did.

Finally ... A Breakthrough
(Blowing The Dust Off "Ancient" Latin Manuscripts)

Our big break came when our research team began searching the origins of homeopathy through the SOURCE documents themselves — a group of highly technical medical documents collectively called the materia medica. Most were originally published in latin. Today, they're available in the HPUS and elsewhere.

Do You Have Any of the Following Symptoms?

The ingredients and descriptions in the materia medica are (of course) described in terms of symptoms, just like we've been talking about. Here's what we found — taken directly from the books. Do you have any of the following symptoms?

- "fatty degenerations"
- "tendency to grow fat"
- "craving for sweets"
- "headaches"
- "hungry soon after a meal"
- "destructive metabolism"
- "tired and weary"
- "leads a sedentary life"

You may not have ALL such symptoms, but they're quite common in most people who are overweight. Of course the tendency to gain weight is the main idea we're after — but since it is a symptom according to materia medica, there's clearly something else that's the cause! Even lack of desire to exercise is more of a symptom of a different underlying problem.

Now, here's where it gets really interesting. Look how well those match up with quotes directly from Dr. Simeons manuscript Pounds and Inches, including the section called "Signs and Symptoms" of weight gain:

- "tendency to accumulate abnormal fat"
- "irresistible yearning for sweets"
- "frequent headache"
- "famished 2 - 3 hours after a hearty meal"
- "laziness and lethargy"

Fascinating, isn't it? Dr. Simeons signs and symptoms match up almost perfectly with specific ingredients inside the materia medica!

The New Weight Loss Formula

Taking the ingredients that correspond to the Dr. Simeons symptoms, and following all the correct nanopharmacological processes, we created the new formula: "Nano" HCG Protocol Diet Drops.

Remember — even if these drops are affecting your fat-center and helping you release fat — even if it is helping you with the problems of gaining weight ... you still have to follow some kind of diet plan to truly start losing the fat. It's impossible for your body to burn fat if it has extra food coming in.

Because this formula was created with Dr. Simeons' theories in mind, we still recommend the HCG protocol (the diet portion). Besides, Dr. Simeons worked on his HCG protocol theories for 40 years! During that time, isn't it safe to assume he perfected the diet portion of the protocol? We think so.

Even if you've only read a little of Pounds and Inches, I think you can agree that every last detail of his diet had been tested and retested to reduce the chances of failure ... to make certain that IF your body had fat ready and waiting to be burned for energy, by all means, it WOULD burn it!

He even suspected that one of his patients gained weight because of the use of ointment for his prosthetic eyeball!

That said, modern nutritional science has shown that caloric intake can be higher, with the same results. So, keeping the core protocol the same, you can now enjoy an eating plan that goes above the 500-calorie level normally a strict part of the HCG diet. We'll give you instructions about this optional program in your package.

More Powerful Than Homeopathic HCG

When you use these "Nano" Diet Drops on the HCG protocol, you are actually getting a more powerful homeopathic solution designed specifically for the effect Dr. Simeons intended for the HCG diet:
  • Fat release: unwanted fat deposits to be burned as energy on a low calorie diet
  • Hunger control / appetite suppression for a diet
  • And the bottom line: Fast, healthy weight loss results!
But these new drops add even MORE to your HCG diet program. You are benefiting from the two key principles of homeopathy with not just ONE ingredient but ...

18 Separate Ingredients

All the following ingredients work together for success on a low calorie, fast weight loss plan. Every ingredient has been put through a rigorous set of scientific homeopathic provings and clinical verifications to ensure it meets homeopathic laws and standards.

Here are some of the benefits worked into this product, based on indications written in the HPUS:
  • Appetite regulation (Ammonium Carbonicum 6X, Hypothalamus 6,12,30X)
  • Utilization of fat (Pituitarium Posterium 6,12,30X)
  • Targets unwanted belly fat (Calcarea Carbonica 30X)
  • Cravings controller (Lycopodium Clavatum 12X, Cina 3X, Thyriod 6,12,30X)
  • Reduction in fatigue/weakness (Oleander 6X)
  • Weight loss remedy (Fucus vesiculosus 3X)
  • Metabolism booster (A-Lipoicum Acidum 3,6,12X, Phosphorus 6X)
  • Nutritional regulation (Thyriod 6,12,30X)
  • Mood/emotion controller, less irritability (Olive flower essence 30X)
  • Headache remedy (Ammonium bromatum 12X)

Why You Should Try "Nano" Diet Drops

In summary, here are a few reasons why you should try this new formulation:
  • Superior homoepathic science: Formulated according to PURE "nanopharmacological" procedures
  • Every ingredient has undergone rigorous nanopharmacological provings for effectiveness
  • The ONLY OTC (Non-Prescription) HCG alternative designed specifically to follow Dr. Simeons "Signs and Symptoms" approach to weight loss on the HCG diet (the "symptomatic theory")
  • 100% HPUS Compliant - Processed according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in an FDA-Registered lab
  • More Reliable: Fully compliant with the FDA, you can rely on this formula long-term, unlike HCG which faces increasing regulatory restrictions
  • Not hormone based
  • More desirable source (HCG-free means it is not extracted from urine during pregnancy)
  • Faster long-term results: No need to gradually increase the maintenance period, unlike HCG's immunity problems
  • More convenient for women: You can take it during your period
  • Added benefits built in: Remedies for headache, mood, energy, nutritional regulation and detoxification
  • Not restricted to HCG Diet - Use it with any diet program
Plus, the same Benefits You Already Know and Love About Homeopathic Sublingual Drops:
  • Easy drops under the tongue
  • No undesirable side effects, unlike prescription HCG injections
  • Triggers the self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms in your body instead of using harsh chemicals
  • Simplicity! No doctor visits, no needles or mixing kits

Prove it To Yourself — A Simple Test

If you're like most, you are ready to give these cutting-edge "Nano" Diet Drops a try. You'd love to see it working its magic.

But I also understand if you are confused or don't understand all the stuff we've talked about. It can get a little technical. You don't HAVE to understand all the nanopharmacology theories we talked about.

Just put it to the test. Remember, there's certainly no harm in giving it a try. You'll know within the first week how it's working for you.

Your body is either responding and you're having a great experience, dropping the pounds, or the formula will be ignored by your body and you'll know it and can stop with no harm done — because there are no risk of side effects, unlike HCG injections! Remember, it's always better to try a natural alternative first instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

On the other hand, if you have any of Dr. Simeons' symptoms of weight gain described above or have had problems with gaining weight (or trying to lose it), there's a great chance your body is in a state that will respond (resonate) to the ingredients in this new formula. And you'll start dropping your unwanted fat with relative ease as you stick to the HCG protocol, just like thousands of others have done.

These new "Nano" HCG Protocol Diet Drops are FULLY 100% GUARANTEED and are available with an SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER — discounted for a limited time only. But you'll have to hurry, because we have thousands of customers and a limited amount of bottles available for this introductory offer. When they're gone, they're gone.

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