A hormone-free formula (no HCG), yet compared to other products we guarantee you'll get equal or better weight loss results when used with Dr. Simeons diet protocol. Read the story of our discovery here

Formulated Using "Nanopharmacological" Science

The Only OTC (Non-Prescription) Product Designed Specifically to Follow Dr. Simeons "Signs and Symptoms" Approach to Weight Loss (the Symptomatic Theory)

100% HPUS Compliant and Processed According to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in an FDA-Registered Lab

Every Ingredient Has Undergone Rigorous Homeopathic Provings for Effectiveness

Benefits You Will Love:
  • Easy drops under the tongue
  • No undesirable side effects, unlike prescription drugs
  • Triggers the self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms in your body instead of using harsh chemicals
  • Simplicity! No doctor visits, no needles or mixing kits
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Guaranteed Diet Drops TRIPLE Guarantee – With "Replacement Coverage Safeguard." We are so sure of your success with this program we guarantee it 3 times in 3 different ways, plus we've got you covered if something happens to your drops. Full details here.
All This Is INCLUDED In Your Package
"Nano" Diet Drops For the HCG Protocol
Includes premium diet drops (1-oz or 2-oz bottles or both, depending on package) created for use in Dr. Simeons protocol, and everything listed below. All drops are 100% compliant with the FDA, listed with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and produced using Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs).
Made in USA in FDA-Registered Lab
Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Protocol Quick Start Guide
This concise, highly-acclaimed quick-start booklet is actually a comprehensive instruction manual for the diet. Organized, easy to read and understand, it contains all the key directions you need for success, distilled from Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches protocol and current tips and experience. Includes dosage directions for the drops. Plus, a modified, higher-calorie (non-VLCD) diet plan is available separately so you have added flexibility and control.
25 Starter Recipes
This recipe booklet will give you some great ideas for using the allowed foods. Your diet doesn't have to be boring. Spices, mixes, dressings, fruit, protein and veggie recipes, all compliant with the strict Core Phase (Phase 2).
Pocket Guide
Here you get the QuickStart Guide condensed and summarized into a very handy pocket-sized guide. Contains information for the diet protocol, including explanation of the phases, allowed foods, the diet plan, dosage directions, tips and tricks, health topics, and a daily schedule.
Refrigerator Magnet
This small, handy refrigerator magnet - about the size of a business card - shows you, at a glance, the allowed foods on the diet plan in each category: protein, vegetable, fruit, starch and fluids. It's a list you'll refer to over and over again, so why not make it extra convenient? Plus, the refrigerator is a very appropriate place to be reminded of this part of the protocol.
Wallet Card
This card is similar to the magnet, but the backside is packed with extra details on food, serving sizes and calories. Very portable - just slip it into your wallet or purse. Now you have key elements of the food list always with you.
Measuring Device
Seems simple enough, but we've found that many of our customers don't already have a device to track inches lost. You'll get a flexible fabric measuring tape you can use to measure waist, arms, thighs, etc, as you go.
FREE Membership With Exciting Discounts
You will get FREE access to our private customer area where we add extra recipes and other valuable material. Once inside, you can buy additional drops at a generous discount. Furthermore, every future purchase you make gives you points you can use in our store. One point equals one dollar, and you also get points back on the drops themselves. It adds up fast!.
FREE Unlimited Phone & Email Support
We won't leave you on your own. If you have a question about the diet, your order, shipping ... anything, just contact us. You can reach us by our Toll Free phone number, or send us an email via our contact form, both shown at the top of this website.
What Customers Are Saying About Nano Diet Drops

"I've experienced great results with this program. In just 9 days I've lost 10 pounds. I've already recommended this to many. So far 5 people who I recommended this to lost over 25 pounds in less then 30 days. Incredible. I'm helping change peoples lives because of this incredible product."
- Val Wilkinson, Indianapolis, Indiana [10 lbs in 9 days]

"Since I can't buy over-the-counter HCG anymore, just wanted to see if this would be equal ... Seems to be going well."
- Sandra, Alvin, Texas [7 lbs in 9 days]

"I would recommed this program because it works! I have been on other diets, with this program you see results in the first few days — incredible. Using Nano Diet Drops as part of the program, I lost the first 9 lbs in a week!"
- Cammie, Arizona [11 lbs in 17 days]

"I have seen very favorable results. I am very happy with my decision to purchase the Nano Diet Drops. I feel very good about myself which hasn't happened for a long time."
- Charlie, Yakima, Washington [17 lbs in 36 days]

"I am sleeping better at night, have more energy during the day ... I lost 13 inches and my friends have noticed."
- Elizabeth, Denver, CO [12 lbs in 26 days]

"Couldn't be happier...and just so you know, I don't count the calories...I eat what I want...I just take the drops...they make me eat a lot less and I walk an hour a day...hey ...it works for me. ...best diet product ever!"
- Julianne, Hamburg, NY [10 lbs in 30 days]

"...I can still see a tremendous amount of inches lost ... I look more lean. It's easy to stay on track because the results are phenomenal!!!!"
- W. Bloomfield, Michigan [9 lbs in 14 days]

"I, along with my family and friends, are shocked at the results. I had my last baby at 42 and couldn't seem to shake those last few pounds of baby fat with exercise. I decided to give it a go. I've tried various "diets" and although I have gotten some good results, never have I had a result like this one."
- Rebecca, Kansas [9 lbs in 13 days]

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In the end, you can't make a mistake buying here: remember our industry-best Triple Guarantee, diet drops replacement coverage, fast shipping (FREE in USA), and generous, friendly customer support? Go ahead and choose your package, then place your order now with peace of mind.

Premium Package
(45 Days) BEST DEAL!
Buy for greatest weight loss (20 - 30 lbs or more). Best deal per ounce!
  • 3 oz Nano Diet Drops
    [As one 1-oz bottle + one 2-oz bottle]
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Price: $179.00
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Advantage Package
(30 Days)
Buy to lose 15 - 22 or more pounds. A popular big-results plan.
  • 2 oz Nano Diet Drops
    [One 2-oz bottle]
  • FREE Priority Mail Shipping (USA)
  • All the package items above!
Price: $129.00
Only $99.95
Starter Package
(15 Days)
Buy to lose 10 - 15 pounds. A quick 2-week program anyone can do!
  • 1 oz Nano Diet Drops
    [One 1-oz bottle]
  • FREE Priority Mail Shipping (USA)
  • All the package items above!
Price: $89.00
Only $59.95
One-Time Payment - Absolutely No Rebilling - No Hidden Charges
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Availability: IN STOCK - Orders processed within 24 hours excluding weekends & holidays (more info)
"I feel very happy and satisfied with my decision to purchase the Nano Diet Drops. I've use other diet drops in the past but none has been so effective as this product. Not only am I losing weight but I feel great and not hungry. It's an amazing product! I stop craving all the sweets I use to want during the day and especially in the evening. This the best diet program I have ever purchased. If you have made a personal & serious descision to lose weight then I recommend you buy the Nano Drops. This product has definitely changed my life and can change yours ... I am so excited to see how I am going to look in 2 months. Very happy!"
- Janette Silva, New Jersey [11 lbs in 15 days]

"My fiance and I are both using the Nano Diet Drops. This is my second round on the program but used different drops before that I got through my doctor. My fiance has lost 11 pounds in 7 days. I am so far very pleased with the drops. Neither one of us are hungry and some days find it hard to finish our meal in the evening. I have been on so many diets and was frustrated only losing one or two pounds a week...this diet is strict BUT the pounds really do seem to melt off. I can't wait to get up in the morning just to weigh! I am in clothes I haven't been able to wear for a few years...inches seem to disappear!"
- Linda, Illinois [7 lbs in 7 days]

"I couldn't be happier with the product and with my results. After hearing about the plan from a friend who has kept her weight off for two years, I was motivated to try it before my son's upcoming college graduation. I didn't want to be fat in the family pictures! Completed the core phase with a 26.5 lb. weight loss and was one week into the stabilization phase on graduation day. I got so many compliments on my appearance and I'm so happy with those family photos! Thank you! I've already recommended the plan to two friends. This product and weight loss plan will change your life. I was never hungry, felt terrific and have forever changed my eating habits. The steady weight loss keeps you motivated and the variety of healthy foods allowed on the plan provides for delicious, satisfying meals."
- Karen, Plymouth, Minnesota [27 lbs in 44 days]
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