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NEW! Nano Diet Drops Packages

These packages all include bottle(s) of Nano Diet Drops plus a complete diet instructions Quick-Start Guide, recipes and more. Includes free membership with pricing discounts and coupons.

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Ultimate HCG Diet Recipe Book NEW 2-In-One! A REAL (printed) spiral-bound HCG recipe book that contains 178 recipes specially-made for the two critical phases of the HCG diet: the strict 500-calorie phase AND separate recipes for the stabilization & maintenance phase.
HCG Diet Tracking & Planning Journal - A REAL (printed) spiral-bound book. Contains trackers, meal planners and DAILY food/calorie/drops journal for all phases. Very important - Could save your diet!
Stabilization & Maintenance Package After you've lost weight, here's how to keep it off for good! Unique program reveals secrets to maintaining or even losing additional weight after you are done taking the drops.
Physitrim - Make weight loss and weight maintenance easier with this exciting new dual-action formula backed by clinical studies. Special Introductory Offer! GlycoTrim - Lose extra weight or maintain weight by taking GlycoTrim between meals to reduce carb-induced cravings. Use anytime before or after HCG diet. Vita-X - The HCG-diet "X"-factor. Find out why we recommend this for the HCG diet. (Out of stock)
Stevia Clear - A must-have natural sweetener for the HCG diet; used in many recipes. Has 0 calories, 100% Simeons protocol compliant. 2 oz bottle. (Unavailable) BlenderBottle® - Create smooth, perfectly-blended protein drinks in seconds. A convenient, portable, versatile mixer. 20-oz size. B-Total - For extra energy and a host of other health benefits. Drops taken under tongue. Equal potency to the B-12 shots doctors give. 2 oz (two 1 oz bottles) (Out of stock)
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