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HCG Drops vs Injections - Best Price

When you're looking at buying HCG drops or injections, there can be a huge difference in price. Let's take a look at why they are so different and which offers the best value. The three main types of HCG for weight loss are:
  • Pharmaceutical HCG injections
  • Pharmaceutical HCG drops
  • Homeopathic HCG drops
The two pharmaceutical HCG products are essentially prescription-strength forms of HCG that require a prescription. Homeopathic HCG drops take extra steps to reduce side effects while still triggering your body's natural fat-burning response.

The actual dollar amount charged for various HCG drops or injections has a huge range. For example, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive two ounce bottle of homeopathic HCG drops is about $135. You'll find an even greater range for the injections, especially if you get them from a clinic. Also, costs are changing all the time. For that reason, we won't talk about specific prices here, but we'll offer some guidelines and reasons for why some are more expensive than others.

Pharmaceutical HCG Injections

When you buy HCG injections, you can go two routes. You can buy them in person at a clinic, or you can buy them online. The advantage of going to a clinic is that you get the direct guidance of a doctor. Of course, this is also by far the most expensive route to take. You can easily spend a thousand dollars or more this way.

Now, you should always check with your doctor before starting a diet or exercise program. But that doesn't mean you have to buy your HCG from a clinic. The only reason to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars that way is if you have specific medical conditions that you feel could use the supervision of a doctor.

Even under the supervision of a doctor, you can buy HCG from another source. A more cost-effective solution for HCG injections is to buy online. You still need a prescription, but it's much less expensive than going to a clinic. Of course, you're still paying extra thanks to the pharmacies' need for extravagant insurance policies and the demands of big drug companies.

You also have to buy additional supplies, like the syringes and needles, sterile pads, additional mixing syringes, storage bottles, and bacteriostatic water. You'll be mixing the HCG yourself, a complicated process that is prone to error. You can buy HCG pre-mixed, but it has to be shipped in a refrigerated container, making it even more expensive.

Pharmaceutical HCG Drops

With pharmaceutical HCG drops, you have basically the same options as with injections. They are actually the same product, except the HCG drops go under the tongue so you don't need needles and syringes. You still need a doctor's prescription and the mixing and storage supplies.

On a per-bottle basis, pharmaceutical HCG drops are often less expensive than injections. However, HCG drops enter your blood stream by absorbing through the skin into the blood vessels under your tongue, which is less efficient than injections and requires more HCG overall. Although it's more convenient, you need more HCG this way, making pharmaceutical HCG drops more expensive in the long run.

Homeopathic HCG Drops

Homeopathic HCG drops are by far the least expensive of the three options, making them a very popular choice. They arrive pre-mixed and have no special storage requirements, so you have no additional supplies to buy. Their special manufacturing process not only helps reduce side effects, it allows them to be sold without a prescription, eliminating the price increases from doctors and big drug companies.

Not only are homeopathic HCG drops less expensive, but many suppliers of HCG drops also offer a strong guarantee, so if you can get your money back if you have any trouble. Try getting that kind of deal from a clinic or pharmacy! When you're looking at buying HCG drops, look at the guarantee carefully. Some guarantees are so limited as to be nearly useless, while others are rock-solid. Do your research.

Another advantage of homeopathic HCG drops is that most of the cutting-edge suppliers offer support. Many of them have medical personnel and diet coaches on staff providing free support for the length of your diet. You'd pay out the nose to get that kind of support from a clinic, and won't get it at all from an online pharmacy.

Because of the huge differences in price between various types of HCG drops and injections, we encourage you to do your research. In general, you probably don't want to go too close to either the low end or the high end, but find a product somewhere in between that has the features most important to you.

Of course, here at we offer all of the above: a moderate price, world-class support with medical staff on hand, and the best guarantee in the business.
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