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Ultimate HCG Diet Recipe Book

Price: $19.95
Size: 158 pages, 178 HCG diet recipes (118 Core/Main, 60 Stabilization/Maintenance Phase)

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NEW 2-In-One! Newly combined recipe book: Core Phase (strict 500-calorie phase) AND Stabilization & Maintenance Recipes ... For Maximum Results On The HCG Diet

Created by the HCG Diet experts at HealthyHCG, this is a REAL, printed book, not a cheap ebook you can get anywhere else or for free on the Internet somewhere. Take it to your kitchen or take it with you as a reference at the grocery store.

Other websites make it seem like you are getting a printed manual, when in fact you'll have to print it off yourself, wasting time and ink. Worse, many websites don't check the recipes and food items for compliance with the HCG protocol. Or they list food items that Dr. Simeons did not approve. You could be jeapordizing your diet by using HCG recipes collected elsewhere.

It's like two recipe books in one. You'll get two distinct sections: the first contains 118 recipes for the strict 500-calorie phase (we call it the Core Phase). The second section contains 60 Stabilization & Maintenance phase recipes.

With this guide you'll have a total of 178 unique, exclusively-developed HCG diet recipes you can't find ANYWHERE else. Recipes were created by our professional chef who knows how to make cooking easy, yet so much better-tasting than the average meal.
  • Ever wondered what exactly what portion sizes to eat based on calorie counts? Look on page 18 and page 111 for Food Tables containing portion size, calories, fat, carbs and protein counts for both the 500-calorie phase (Core Phase) and the Stabilization & Maintenance phase.

  • Want to add variety to the strict diet while staying compliant to the HCG protocol? You'll find a huge amount of recipes ranging from beverages/fluids, fruit, vegatables, beef, chicken and fish recipes.

  • Professional chefs have a secret to making delicious recipes: Spices! Starting on page 95, you'll find strict-HCG-diet-approved spice mixes, rubs, dressings, salsas and dips revealed by our professional chefs. This is perhaps the most valuable section of recipes in the book, because you can use them in many food items (meats, veggies, fish).
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