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Pounds & Inches Audio CDs

Price: $39.95
Size: 3 CDs in cases, 20 tracks

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Learn about the HCG diet by listening to the source!

Another Exclusive Item Only From HealthyHCG! This audio set is a professional narration of Dr. Simeons' book "Pounds and Inches", developed exclusively for HealthyHCG. Although the "Pounds and Inches" manuscript can be readily found online, you won't find audio tracks anywhere else.

Contains 20 total tracks spread over 3 CDs. Every sub-heading in Pounds and Inches is listed inside the CD cover, so it's easy to find certain topics.

We have found that almost every question has already been answered by Dr. Simeons, but it can be difficult to read and find answers in the manuscript. Now you can listen for your answers, at your convenience -- a wonderful way to learn directly from the originator of the diet without having to read through his lengthy manuscript on a computer screen.

It's also a time saver - just pop a CD into your car's CD player while you're driving, or your home stereo while you are going about the house.

On the other hand, we also discovered that listening to these CDs while following along in the manuscript at the same time is a great way to pick up on details you would otherwise miss by reading or listening alone.

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