HCG Diet Drops: 238 Most Recent Customer Results

If you'd like to see some real-life, recent HCG diet results from some of our customers who have used our product, you've found it -- 238 of them currently on file! (Note: Testimonials refer to our previous homeopathic HCG product. Read about our new Nano Diet Drops product for the HCG protcol here).

We hope you enjoy reading these success stories and feedback comments, a relief from the marketing hype you may have seen from some of our competitors. Most of our competitors will claim "1 - 2 lbs per day", often more, but what they don't tell you is that although 2 lbs per day can happen, it is not every day and doesn't happen for everyone. They are setting you up for dashed hopes when there is simply no need for it. In REALITY, average results for the HCG diet are amazing compared to virtually any other diet out there. You just wouldn't know it due to the wild claims being made.

So what is typical or average for people using our HCG drops? Calculations show that our customers lose 0.71 lbs (about 3/4 lb) per day averaged over an entire course (26 to 43 days). We like to say 1/2 pound per day as a conservative estimate. Overall averages are important because weight fluctuates daily during the HCG diet. Losing more or less than 1/2 to 3/4 lb is possible any day, and plateaus are normal. Your ending weight at the end of a course is what counts!

Another thing: our competitors also claim "only success stories", when in reality, nothing works 100% of the time for everyone. That's common sense! But don't worry, we've got you covered by our rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee in the very rare chance the diet isn't effective for you. Nothing to lose and the odds are drastically on your side in the first place.

Hopefully these real-life stories and comments will motivate you to reach YOUR weight loss goals! It *IS* possible. Buy hcg drops from HealthyHCG to get started today!

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Jun 20, 2017
10 lbs in 15 days (completed)

I have convinced 3 friends to do this just this month!

- Anonymous HCG Dieter

May 30, 2017
34 lbs in 38 days (underway)

The results are amazing,and so easy to follow the plan.

- Anonymous HCG Dieter

Apr 30, 2017
21 lbs in 31 days (underway)

I was extremely pleased. Nothing feels better than feeling thin! I was having a difficult time losing weight. When I started the nano drops, the weight immediately started to fall off. I am so glad I did this diet and feel so much better. In couple months I plan to try it agai and lose a little more weight!

- Anonymous HCG Dieter

Mar 07, 2017
38 lbs in 37 days (underway)

I thought it was a scam and I truly didn't think it could work but I'm down 38 pounds and I feel great. And I'm not done yet. I've told all my friends about it they can't believe I loss so much.

- Dee Mckinley, Youngstown, Ohio

Jan 18, 2017
18 lbs in 19 days (underway)

This program is amazing. I have lost so much in such a short period. It's so encouraging to see the scale show results for the effort you've given. I have not felt tired or hungry. You just need to definitely plan ahead and enjoy your meals and have something in the wings for when you get busy. It definitely works..I am very satisfied with the results so far I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's had trouble dropping weight. I would encourage them to make sure they understand what they're undertaking first, but if they're game to go for it. You wont be hungry...:) half the battle right there...

- Cristina, Milford, PA

Jan 06, 2017
10 lbs in 7 days (underway)

I'm feeling great! I have been on the drops a week and I haven't really felt hungry. I haven't had any headaches as I've had in the past when drastically reducing my calories and I'm not tired. I've lost about 1 lb to 1.5lbs a day and from yesterday to today I dropped 4lbs..:) I am quite happy with the program. I was worried I was going to be hungry and I'm so glad I'm not.

- Cristina, Milford, PA

Jan 02, 2017
35 lbs in 33 days (completed)

It was a challenge but well worth it and once the addiction of carbs and sugar went away it became very manageable to stick to the calorie count and eating the allowed foods. The weight fell off of me! People told me I looked too skinny

- Bill hellmann, Spring green, WI

Dec 15, 2016
14 lbs in 45 days (completed)

Glad I did it. I would NEVER have believed that I could eat 500 calories/day and not be hungry. It opened my eyes to see that my eating patterns are really a habit vs hunger unless it's the drops that do the trick. I plan to do another short course after the Holidays.

- Paul M, Cranberry Twp, PA

Dec 09, 2016
21 lbs in 41 days (underway)

I am very happy with the program. It's very easy and the staff is very supportive and responds back to me when I have questions or need help with recipe ideas! When I 1st started I guess I wasn't drinking enough water so it wasn't working for me. After I buckled down I'm completely excited about how it's working for me. Love the weight loss!! I highly recommend nano drops. You have to be true to the program and it will be true to you!

- Michelle Baird, Tehachapi, California

Sep 19, 2016
16 lbs in 40 days (underway)

I love it! I will be purchasing another bottle as I am trying to reach 145. I am not hungry, I am satisfied with the 500 calories, I drink a lot of water if I do get hungry and I am fine. Occasionally I have an additional apple but that does not seem to disturb my results. I am reading the plan to gradually add food to my diet once I have reached my goal as I do NOT want to gain the weight again as I did before. I felt soooooo much better when I was 145 and want to feel better again. Thank you for this product, it is the only way I have been able to successfully lose weight quickly and effectively. I appreciate your product. Although this program limits the foods you can eat, it certainly provides protein, fruits and vegetables and all that is necessary to maintain your body. You find you can certainly keep going and actually feel better and lose weight every single day which is actually a wonderful motivating factor!

- Gail, Florida

Sep 13, 2016
9 lbs in 17 days (underway)

I have been taking the Nano drops for 17 days and so far I have lost 9.2 lbs.
I am not following the diet ...I just try to stay under 1200 calories per day. Usually I only consume around 1000 calories per day. So far it is working great. !! Easiest plan I've tried. I have hope again!! Yes. Recommend it!!

- SNP, Athens, AL

Sep 05, 2016
30 lbs in 29 days (underway)

Had to lose the weight after annual checkup at doctor.
I have done this twice before and had great success. It just melts off. Carbs are my worst enemy. Seldom hungry on this program. Cheated a couple of times but easy to resume.
I recommend this system all the time.

- James, Altamonte Springs, FL

Aug 24, 2016
24 lbs in 42 days (completed)

since i started the drops, not only have i lost a good amount of weight, as of the third day of the diet my blood pressure has dropped tremendously. i have gone from seven pills a day to only 3 pills, sometimes less. i have strayed from the diet sometimes, eating things i shouldn't eat and reverting to my old habit of snacking throughout the day but i still lost 23.4 lbs in 42 days. once when i was on weight watchers it took me 10 weeks to lose 10 pounds. i have been on every diet out there: weight watchers 8 times, nutra system 3 times, lindora 2 times , shots and pills, and many, many other diets. i think i have every diet book that's ever been written. i really do like this protocol and i am hopeful that this time because of the way the program is structured, stabilizing and doing maintenance after each round of phase 2, i think i will be able to not only lose down to my normal weight (which i have never done on any of my former attempts to lose weight), but also i will be able to keep the weight off. i am very hopeful. i also lost 17 inches. i do recommend this program. i have 2 more friends who are planning to start on it in the next two weeks. this program really gets the weight off fast and is healthy. the fantastic results that i have had with my blood pressure alone is a good reason to do the program.

- marlene w., california

Aug 17, 2016

I'm a Health Coach and I used the Healthy HCG to do a experiment, so I can recommend to my clients. I'm very happy about the results. I was not a fat person, but I need to loose an extra fat in my stomach. I already recommended for some friends.

- Anonymous HCG Dieter, Seattle, WA

Jul 15, 2016
33 lbs (completed)

I had head ache during the first 2 weeks but after that I was ok.
When I followed the program I lost weight, some times I tried differents food and it did not work so the secret for me was to follow the program

- Fatima Beltran, Sarasota, FL

Jul 04, 2016
39 lbs in 12 days (completed)

I decided to buy nano drops to see if it works as well as the clinic and it did. I paid less money and I reached my goals. My friends were waiting for my results to buy the drops and after they saw my results the 2 of them bought the drops and they are losing weight just like me.

- Fatima, Sarasota, FL

Jul 02, 2016
15 lbs in 31 days (underway)

The results were immediate. I started because I'm severely overweight and the excess weight was too much for my joints. Within a week my knees were not hurting as much. 30 days later I'm pain free just by shedding the 15 pounds. It works. I'm a skeptic and I've tried so many diets and fads this is the first one that has actually yielded positive results so quickly. I'm thrilled and want to keep loosing more.

- Ronda Johnson, Sugarland, TX

Jun 28, 2016
17 lbs in 21 days (completed)

- Anonymous HCG Dieter

Jun 17, 2016
12 lbs (underway)

I am very happy with drops. I love it !! Just cheated some so I need to be better about that. I'm not giving up, good results over all. I have already shared with a friend about hcg drops and she is possibly going to be purchasing them.

- Melinda, Scotia, NY

May 26, 2016
15 lbs in 26 days (completed)

Still have about 10 days of the stablization phase. It was a great quick diet with amazing results. Since Christmas I had been eating anything I wanted and my clothes didn't fit and I was very uncomfortable. Really helped me get back on track and my clothes are even a little baggy now. I would definitely recommend the program. Make sure you do a good job of loading the first 2 days. Give it at least a week and the results in that time really help to keep you going. It can be hard some days but it is quick results in the right places without exercising.

- Lori, Pennsylvania

Apr 22, 2016
26 lbs in 32 days (underway)

I am so happy with my results. I weigh less now than I have in 15 years. Everyone is amazed at my weight loss and my wife is doing great too. I have already recommended mended to several friends

- Gary, Euless, TX

Mar 28, 2016
21 lbs in 27 days (incomplete)

My coworker lost 75lbs on the classic plan so her results motivated my decision to try the nano drops. I would totally recommend this to anyone. Just stick to the program and you'll see and feel results after a week. The first week was the hardest but once you're through it, it really gets easier. The meals are satisfying and the inches and weight you lose motivate you to want to keep going and keep losing.

- Samantha, Niagara Falls, NY

Mar 24, 2016
15 lbs in 15 days (completed)

- Anonymous HCG Dieter

Mar 04, 2016
20 lbs in 45 days (completed)

I have lost 11 inches from my waist. I was never hungry. I did not experience any unpleasant side effects. I already have recommended it to friends.

- Happy dieter, Sacramento, CA

Mar 02, 2016
8 lbs in 21 days (completed)

I dropped a lot of pudge around my midsection, rear, and thighs, which really helped my pants fit better! Actually, my pants kind of hang on me now! I'm glad I did this. I reset my eating habits so it will be easier to maintain my new weight. I highly recommend this program for those who struggle to lose weight on their own. The program helped me drop weight quickly and also taught me a lot about healthy and balanced food choices. Since finishing the program, I continue to eat tons of veggies and reasonable servings of protein and fruit. I continue avoiding grains and starchy food for the most part.

- Cassandra, Grand Rapids, MI

Feb 18, 2016
12 lbs in 16 days (completed)

This program is a great way to get on track.

- Judy, Ontario

Dec 23, 2015
30 lbs in 35 days (completed)

Love Nano drops lost 30 pounds on in 45 days

- Lisa, Baltimore, MD

Nov 14, 2015
17 lbs in 26 days (underway)

The results are great. I have energy and I'm not starving. I have a history of sluggish thyroid and so this product helps. I'm on the 45-day program, so I look forward to more weight and inch loss. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends.

- Country Mom, Branford, Florida

Sep 26, 2015
20 lbs in 30 days (underway)

This is the most easy diet I have ever been on...I feel absolutely wonderful and excited about the way I look. I have such confidence in these drops, I know that I will lose all the weight that I need to. I have recommended this program to many, with great enthusiasm.

- Linda, Rochester, NY

Sep 09, 2015
10 lbs in 21 days (completed)

The results were instant and the diet wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Felt full eating protein and wasn't tired. Off the nano drops and have increased calorie intake to a 1000 and have only fluctuated a pound or two since being off the program the last two weeks. It seemed like it would be hard to eat only 500 calories a day, but you stick to it when you see the results and the results were immediate.

- Brenda, Az

Sep 09, 2015
12 lbs in 24 days (completed)

I am truly satisfied with the results and continue to watch what I eat. I plan to start drops again in a couple of weeks!! Although the diet plan can be tough to maintain, it's very effective!! Once you get started, it becomes second nature!!

- Felicia, Boston, Ma.

Sep 05, 2015
25 lbs in 21 days (completed)

Best decision I ever made. Lose lots of weight fast. It was perfect for slimming down for my wedding The strict diet was the hardest part but it works! I can't believe how well it worked.

- Kimberly, Kennewick, Wa

Jul 18, 2015
14 lbs in 14 days (completed)

I loved the results. I found it a little difficult at first but was able to do it & feel great. I am on the Stabilization. I would highly recommend this program. Had no problems except for some leg cramps.

- Marijo, Mason, Michigan

Jul 07, 2015
26 lbs in 28 days (underway)

Thrilled about my results thus far. Doing the 40 day progam. I have recommended this to friends. Currently one friend purchased drops and will begin shortly.

- Donna, North Tonawanda, NY

Jul 06, 2015
8 lbs in 15 days (completed)

I wanted something to help me get back into a good routine. I did lose the weigh I believe it was because I have gained most of it over a 6-7 month period so it was not really solid on my body. I am still trying to stick to the good things I relearned while living in the real world.

I do not feel that I lost "fat" I've noticed that myself and my daughter still have fat on our bodies, however, I believe the product can help lose weight. I would explain exactly what I said above, the drops can help you lose weigh by encouraging you through a rapid kick start and then the habits, such as drinking water, which I could not help but do, and eating three good meals will benefit a person through out life.

- Margarita, Denham Spings, LA

Jun 24, 2015
15 lbs (underway)

With an occasional cheat day due to events out of my control I haven't followed as strict as I'd like and so I'm sure it's affected my results but overall very satisfied and happy with my results. I'll probably due another round and "stick to my guns" after a break. Definitely recommend because it's fairly easy to stick to and see results quickly which is exciting and satisfying. Thank you! (I'm not completely finished but may be able to provide pics when complete)

- Rachel, Texas

Jun 10, 2015
24 lbs in 30 days (completed)

I had taken the original HCG a few years ago and lost 50 pounds. Old eating habits had crept into my life- fast food- late night snacking etc., I had gained most of the weight back. I was looking for a program that was a little more flexible when I stumbled across the nano drops- I liked the idea that they were natural. I think these drops works so much better than the old version. I was very rarely hungry. I am on phase III and able to maintain- with the old version I would immediately gain- even eating the right foods- I am feeling great this time and staying even. I still have more weight to lose and plan on starting over when my 30 days of PH III are up. My husband did the plan with me and he lost 20 pounds. Loved the Nano drops- would highly recommend them if you want quick results.

- C., WI

May 28, 2015
11 lbs in 26 days (underway)

The results are great! I did the Hcg diet 5 years ago and had a 25 lb weight loss. I just needed 10 more pounds to reach meet my goal from 5 years ago and I'm there now! I already have friends thinking about trying it because they saw my results! One friend is concerned it may not work because she is vegetarian and checking how she can do it by researching.it does take work and preparation but is so worth it!

- Adele, Pa

May 19, 2015
35 lbs in 21 days (completed)

Lost 6 sizes / Arthritis in my knees is much relieved / mobility generally improved / Look good / back into my jeans / shopping for other is a buzz.

- Anonymous HCG Dieter, Miami, Fl

Apr 29, 2015
11 lbs in 49 days (completed)

I am extatic with my new weight, am on my 21 days phase, and I am still going, I do my exercise daily for 30 min/a day. These days I still treat it as if is my low calories even though I get to eat more fruits, protein and lots of veggies, which I am doing great. I am a 65 year old Mom and Grandma of 12 grand kids, and they too are so proud of me and my accomplishment. Yes, if I can do it, age dosen't matter, what is matter is that we are human beings with young desires to live and be healthy around our love ones that will follow after me as an example, families and friends notice how sexy-looking I am, and they ask and I told them and even gave them the name of the program.

- Lucy Dunn, Glendale, New York

Apr 26, 2015
25 lbs in 27 days (underway)

I was on a doctor monitored HCG program a year ago and it was awesome but very expensive. I lost 68 lbs that time over 6 months (only 40 days on the HCG though). I got sick and gained some weight and then got a job traveling. I gained about 37 pounds back because I wasn't exercising and eating out all the time. I knew I had to do something so I found your program. I admit I was skeptical but knew I could not do a doctor monitored program and the price was far below the doctors injections so I gave it a try. It works as well as the doctors program and injections if not better. I am almost to my goal, have started exercising again and of course eating correctly again. I feel great and applaud the drops. I definitely recommend the drops. You get all the information you need with this program and if you are a first timer you get get handy wallet cards to help you remember what you can and cannot eat.

- Mike Taylor, Manchester, Tennessee

Apr 25, 2015
16 lbs in 35 days (completed)

I am very satisfied with my decision to use HealthyHCG. I didn't see an explaination anywhere else about how the fat loading actually works. I had no difficulty with the Classic process, didn't feel hungry, but still have to push myself to drink the appropriate amount of water. I really appreciated being able to pick up the phone and get live support for any questions that arose. Results were wonderful. I'm now still in the 3 week stabilization. I don't miss the odd items with sugar or the other carbs at all. If you're serious about attaining your ideal weight and keeping it there, consider this program. It will take some effort, and you will be well rewarded! If you are a "foodie", dress up the simple fare with interesting spices, and remember to drink enough water.

- Em, California

Apr 13, 2015
8 lbs in 17 days (completed)

I was excited and challenged to follow this plan, it was amazing to see my wt decrease each day. I felt good, had energy but it required strict discipline the last few days, I will admit I was hungry those last two days of phase one. Phase two was somewhat if an effort not to begin eating as I always do bug j stuck to it and have maintained by wt 3 wks out currently. I did recommend it to two people. One woman followed it, did not share her results. The other woman I gave the information, do not think she followed through. Both women are small like me and just wanted to shed 10 lbs

- Anonymous HCG Dieter, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Apr 08, 2015
17 lbs in 32 days (underway)

I'm not yet done.. But losing 17 lbs in 32 days is amazing!! I feel great !! I'm sooooo Glad I made this purchase!! I have recommended it.. Just friends seeing my results have shown them how great these drops are!!!

- Amy, Oregon

Apr 06, 2015
9 lbs in 22 days (underway)

- Jenn Jazz, Singapore

Mar 26, 2015
18 lbs in 30 days (underway)

I am satisfied with the results, I still have 16 lbs. to lose but I seem to ha e slowed way down on my weight loss. I had 3 days at the same weight so I did the Apple day and lost 1 lb. The next day I lost 0.2 lb. With the drops it is like a miracle the way the weight comes off and I am never hungry.

- MaryAnn, Michigan

Mar 26, 2015
16 lbs in 22 days (underway)

I've recommended this product to those closest To me. I feel full of energy. Not hungry at all! The product is high quality and has helped me to drop 15 pounds in only 22 days!!!

- Vanessa, NYC, NY

Mar 23, 2015
19 lbs in 45 days (completed)

I am extremely pleased with this protocol. I was never hungry, no adjustment period, feel great and best of all, lost the weight in a healthy way. I would highly recommend this.

- Ellen, Saint Petersburg, FL

Feb 26, 2015
61 lbs in 49 days (completed)

This is a very strict diet but if you follow the plan it does work. I lost 61 lbs in 49 days at an average of 1.22 lbs. per day. some days were more and some were less. You have to set your mind to it and follow the rules. It has lowered my BP and brought my A1C way down. I would highly recommend the Nano drops for weight loss. It has taught me a lot about food, calories and healthy eating.

- Pat M, Choctaw, OK - Oklahoma

Feb 19, 2015
44 lbs in 45 days (completed)

I am so excited about the weight I have lost!!! And how everyone else is noticing. They are calling me skinny now. I have a lot of energy that I did not have before. I highly recommend.

- Laura, Live Oak, FL

Feb 07, 2015
17 lbs in 30 days (underway)

I have been very please with the Nano drop, it's easy for me to take to work to use to keep me on point. I feel the booklet and instructions has help me monitor my intake of foods and what really works for me. This is truly a answer to my prayers. God bless you!

- Lucy, Fort Worth, TX

Jan 25, 2015
12 lbs in 20 days (underway)

I never lose any weight during the first week of a diet because my body holds onto everything, but I lost like 4+ pounds the first week. I am in the military and it is hard with my work schedule
to stick to a strict diet, but with the flex plan I was able to and I wasn't hungry after about the first 4 days and had plenty of energy. I was surprised. I would definately recommend it. Had I worked out, I know I would have lost more.

- KC, Little Rock, AR

Jan 13, 2015
8 lbs in 24 days (completed)

I deliberately started prior to the holidays because I usually gain then. Hunger was usually not an issue, although I was cooking and baking the whole time. I've gained a couple of pounds back on maintenance, but I still feel good about it. Other family members have purchased other brands at a much higher price, but I had the same results. The purse-size compact booklet, list of foods,tape measure and magnet,included with the drops, are very helpful. I was a skeptic. When studying the protocol I thought it was too complicated and that I would starve. Neither was true! The drops work & stave off hunger. I was happy with my results and will do it again in 6 weeks.

- Mary, Michigan, US

Dec 22, 2014
13 lbs in 24 days (underway)

I feel so much better, am exercising. I am retired and the weight has come off nicely. I would definitely recommend this diet and I already have.

- Donna, Ohio

Dec 10, 2014
9 lbs in 15 days (underway)

Most weight came off at the beginning... I am determined to stick with it because it does address my hunger. I would recommend that anyone give Nano Drops a try.

- RR, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dec 04, 2014
14 lbs in 38 days (completed)

- Linda, Braselton, GA

Nov 30, 2014
17 lbs in 30 days (completed)

I was very pleased with the results on a daily basis; so it kept me motivated to continue It really works and it is easy to follow; no guessing on what to eat; I found it easy to follow

- Evelyn, Babylon, NY

Nov 19, 2014
15 lbs in 21 days (completed)

I was more rigorous in following the diet than when I did the diet on previous HCG drops. I would say that the results were not as dramatic but certainly excellent results. I recommend this diet to anyone who is serious about burning bad fat and keeping it off and who is suficently disciplined to follow the VLCD.

- Dana, Washington, DC

Oct 28, 2014
21 lbs in 28 days (underway)

Taking the drops have been rather easy. By planning my meals I seem to do better following the protocol. If I am stuck away from home it is pretty easy to find an acceptable alternative that does not stray too far from the diet. There was no feeling of withdrawal or a drop in energy. I don't have enough energy, however, to exercise. My intent was to lose quickly the pounds then switch to the three meals a day and exercise. I plan to do the full 45 days then come off of it and start again with the three meals a day to reach my full weight loss goal of 40 pounds. I have found the program very easy to follow and have had no periods of hunger or craving. I have managed to remain strict but there has been a couple of times I strayed by eating too much of the protein. I just adjust and get back on track. When my weight seemed to stick and I loss nothing for a few days I had a big steak and an apple. The next day I began losing again. I really loved that part. All around a great diet that does not cause any carb withdrawals, etc.

- WG, South Orange, NJ

Oct 23, 2014
14 lbs in 21 days (completed)

I am very satisfied with the product and my results. I have used other products and found that Nano Diet drops yielded higher weight loss, was more effective with minimizing hunger and was very competitively priced in comparison to other products that I have tried. Excellent starter advice provided with the product. Fast tangible results within the first 7-days. Stay strictly to the 500-cal diet to see the best results ever... You owe it to yourself.

- Jan W, Miami, FL

Oct 20, 2014
13 lbs in 15 days (completed)

I am very happy with the results.. wish i went for the 30 day program instead of 15 days as i need to lose another bit of weight. i'm currently in stabilization and afraid of gaining weight back. yes i would recommend

- JM, New York

Oct 06, 2014
10 lbs in 33 days (completed)

I love the way I feel after this program because my body has lost the bad and hard to lose fats that were stored. I would definitely recommend this to friends because of the success I have experienced.

- Anonymous HCG Dieter, Peoria, Illinois

Sep 09, 2014
11 lbs in 15 days (underway)

Recomendo, este programa realmente funciona. A primeira semana é um pouco difícil, porém depois você acostuma.

- Diego, Manaus, Brazil

Aug 04, 2014
19 lbs in 24 days (underway)

This is my 3rd or 4th time using the HCG Diet. I have had great results every time. This time I have a more solid long term plan so I hope this is the last time. It's very easy - no hunger if you load correctly. One of the benefits that nobody talks about is the "space" it leaves in your day to consider all the bad habits you've kicked and create a plan for new, better ones. Definitely buy a George Foreman grill. I have recommended this program to many and will continue to do so.

- Amy, Richmond, VA

Jul 26, 2014
20 lbs in 19 days (underway)

It's been an unbelievable journey. I honestly didn't think I could do it: 500 calories? But once I started, and began seeing the immediate results, I just wanted to keep going. I can't express how effective the drops are in curbing my cravings and suppressing my appetite. Like nothing I've ever tried. I'm overjoyed in my results,so far! I've already recommended this program to many friends! They're so impressed with my results. It's exciting and motivating to share my success story...and my journey isn't over yet!

- Mara, Wausau, WI

Jul 23, 2014
17 lbs in 23 days (incomplete)

Healthy HCG is the real deal! The first time I tried the program in 2010 I needed to lose 20 lbs to qualify for a law enforcement academy. It was a chance of a lifetime but if I couldn't lose the weight I would have to pass it up. I tried everything, laxatives, spicy lemonade diet, running, etc...,nothing worked as fast and effectively as Healthy HCG!!

This time around I just wanted to shed some of the extra pounds I gained that makes me look less and less like my sexiest self! I realized the product formula had changed and I said to myself "well it was good while it lasted and at least I got to take advantage of it the first time around" I was dissapointed to say the least and wasn't sure about the new formula.

My sister Venessa and her friend Jodi went ahead and ordered it after we read the testimonials however I was still extremely skeptical. Jodi had just had her baby and gained over 50 lbs but was still a beautiful mother.She wanted the exta weight off ASAP. Venessa also gained extra lbs she couldn't stand to keep on, and desperately needed a miracle solution. When I saw Venessa and Jodi's results my fingers couldn't imput the website address any faster on my browser!!! I wanted those results too and got them! I lost almost 20 lbs in 23 days!!

It's not easy to do you must remain focused, but if you really want to lose weight and want to see the sexier you again she's hiding inside a Healthy HCG bottle!!! Find her, and find true happiness!

Like my sister Venessa continuously told me while on the diet "NOTHING tastes as good as being thin FEELS"!! That quote got me through some really rough times! I absolutely love her for that!

Shout out to the guy who answers the phones at Headquarters!!! He's professional and highly ethical and because of him we are walking advertisements for HEALTHY HCG!!! I would highly recommend this progr to anyone that's serious about a lifestyle change in a very short period of time!

- Aiyisha Shorte, New York

Jul 11, 2014
13 lbs in 45 days (completed)

I'm glad I used the nano diet drops, I tried the Hcg diet a few years ago but it was not as effective as it was this time round. I would definitely recommend the healthyHcg diet using nano drops as a quick, efficient, healthy and safe way to lose weight. The vita -x multivitamins are a must, and I don't think I could have down without them. I needed help to shed the pounds I had put on after having my first child and now I'm happy I can fit into my size 10 clothes after having gone up to size 16.

- Hazel, London

Jul 09, 2014
19 lbs in 21 days (completed)

- Greg, Keller, Texas

Jul 08, 2014
24 lbs in 30 days (underway)

I am extremely surprised. I can't believe this is working! 2 more weeks to go and I rarely feel hungry and continue to loose weight. I'm not losing a pound a day, but average about .5lbs a day (which is still extremely good). When I cheat, It shows- normally with a 2-3 lb weight gain- so cheating doesnt even appeal to me anymore. Im excited to get on the scale each morning to see what the loss will be. I would certainly recommend this program to others. I started as soon as I weaned my 1 year old. I only wish I could have done it sooner.

- Liz, Pennsylvania

Jul 03, 2014
10 lbs in 21 days (underway)

So far my results have been very satisfying, still planning to lose another 20 lbs. so will continue the plan. I originally lost 25 lbs. on the original drops and gained it back. Was sceptable on whether these drops wood work as well. I have stuck very close to the food plan but have been able to have a cocktail or two and still having success. I would recommend this product only thing is it is not a miracle drop, you must respect the diet and food recommended; the drops alone will not do it for you!

- Nancy, Salt Lake, Utah

Jun 24, 2014
25 lbs in 30 days (completed)

The best diet ever, hands down. Helped me build my self esteem while shedding pounds quickly. Would recommend to anyone.

- jodi, baltimore, maryland

Jun 19, 2014
38 lbs in 44 days (underway)

I have used ur brand many times..........i average about a pound a day, first time i did it years ago i lost 38 pounds in 44 days......... I got 3-4 people on the band wagon when i first found you guys with the first drops

- Kristin, Virginia

Jun 08, 2014
30 lbs in 22 days (incomplete)

I couldn't be more pleased about the decision. I have a great amount of weight to lose when I started this program. I have decided to make this somewhat of a journey. My weight is considerable... I was 294 pounds, and I am now 264.the reason I stopped this because I want to have a little slice every season I will go back on in September for three to four more weeks then I will stabalize and do maintenance. I will go through the holiday season and then I will start in January because this is definitely a journey for me and not a one stop drop. I had been on HCG and thought it was amazing quite actually until while I was on hcg I went through menopause... The hormone related method allowed me to gain everything I lost:-(...that is exactly what Dr Simmons in the book wrote... Praise God these are not I am at the beginning of hope in my life again concerning my weight:) if you truly want to lose weight this is a program for everybody!! I love that the way the "reserve fat" exits the body while releasing the nutrients it retains. So... not hungry...not hard...just disciplined & results! !!

- Karen Frederick, Altoona, Pennsylvania

May 25, 2014
15 lbs in 15 days (incomplete)

I feel great. I recommend this program.

- Kizzykat, Brooklyn, NY

May 17, 2014
22 lbs in 21 days (underway)

I've done hcg before but since the FDA started regulated what they are actually called it has been hard to find a product that matches what I took four years ago. Nano drops seems to be the right one for me. I lost 70 lbs my first time but after a year and a big change in my life I went back to my old bad eating habits. I am on track again with the Nano drops and I am confident I can keep the weight off this time. I would recommend this program but I know that it is not for everyone. It is a very strict diet to follow. if you have the will power this program and the Nano drops really work. Believe in yourself and you will be successful.

- D., Minnesota

May 09, 2014
20 lbs in 30 days (completed)

No regrets! It works if you follow it as directed. It's not easy though, nothing worth having is. But it will get you to your goal and teach you how to eat better after you finish so you can maintain the weight loss. Not many agree with my choice to follow the Hcg plan, but I do recommend to many and stress to all that is a lifestyle change. If you are not ready don't waste your time. Otherwise, you can do it!

- L. Hakibu, Pittsburg, CA

Apr 07, 2014
10 lbs in 21 days (underway)

I am currently in the process Ive had a few set backs but I am sure if I didn't have this I would be about 5lbs lighter. I would recommend this program to others based off of my final results. It works, and its easy to follow if you stay focus and even if get off track if you get right back at it you will be fine.

- Keisha, Laurel, Maryland

Apr 05, 2014

I was surprised to see that I have not lost any weight. Since I started the program, I had two people (female and male) tell me they had done the program 2-3 times because they love this particular company and program, losing 15-35 pounds each time. The material was very thorough and helpful with a good guarantee.

- Erica, St. Louis

Mar 25, 2014
15 lbs in 31 days (underway)

The original Healthy HCG drops I purchased in 2010 worked much faster and I lost more weight than the Nano Diet Drops. There are differences; I am 4 years older, it is winter vs. spring and I am not as active, maybe, have a tolerence to it now? I would recommend this program. It jump starts weight loss and healthy eating. I kept the weight off from 2010 plus after the maintenance phase continued to lose weight gradually because I was eating so much better. For some reason from Thanksgiving to Christmas 2013, I ate too much baked goods and candy and gained over 15 pounds, so I started Diet to get back in the swing.

- Anonymous HCG Dieter, El Dorado, Kansas

Mar 14, 2014
24 lbs in 45 days (completed)

After 3 weeks of "stabilization" I did a second round of the Nano Drops for 30 days and lost an additional 18 pounds. I AM THRILLED WITH THE PROGRAM! I'm doing a longer (5-6 wk) stabilization period and then will do at least one more round of the Nano Drops. My goal weight is 140 lbs -- what I weighed in my 40's (I'm now 67). I have tried everything I could for the past 20 years to lose the weight I put on at menopause -- Nano Drops is the ONLY THING THAT WORKED. It was actually EASY to stick to and truly effective. After the 2 rounds of Nano Drops I found that fat I had been carrying since my teen years (even through a MUCH LIGHTER WEIGHT!) is coming off!! It's amazing!! I cannot recommend the Nano Drops program HIGHLY ENOUGH! It has been a miracle in my life: my health is better and my shape is better! And the information and support Milt (by phone) at Nano Drops provided is terrific. Thank you!

- Dolores, Vallejo, CA, USA

Mar 13, 2014
21 lbs in 40 days (underway)

I was so excited to start this diet. I went back to visit family and looked at my pictures and couldn't stand the way I looked. I BLEW up. My weight usually stays at 172 ponds. That is still heavy but my average through out my adult life. Since I was young I have tried every diet out there. I started to research HCG and found the Nano drops and was so excited reading the testimonials. I had to order some. I got the drops in the mail and studied the booklets. Prior to the diet I went shopping and measured out my 3.5 oz of meat so it was ready to go.

I did my loading days and once I switched to the reduced calorie day I was surprised. I wasn't hungry. I was motivated. The weight just started to come off. Since I started I have lost 20 pounds. I have never lost this much weight on any program. The closest was 18 pounds on Jenny Craig but spent hundreds of dollars.

While on the program I took 2 weeks off because I had to move across country and pack my house. Even off the drops for 2 weeks I gained only 2 pounds. Wow!! I went back on the drops and in one week I dropped another 8 pounds. I am almost out of my drops and plan on ordering more and lose another 15 pounds.

I could never imagine me being able to weigh less than 172 pounds. Thank you so much. And for anyone who is skeptical about HCG (like my husband was) try it and prove to yourself it works!! OMG I feel so good. For the first time I look at myself in the mirror and think... Not bad! Would I recommend this to others? YES YES YES!!! Its easy. Weekends are the hardest. I cheated a few times and still have lost 20 pounds. This has never been possible for me in the past. I would cheat and all my weight would come back on. I would get discouraged and quit. This program is to easy and rewarding that you won't want to quit!

- Sonja, Phoenix

Feb 26, 2014
16 lbs in 35 days (completed)

I think it is a great way of losing weight fast. My sister in law did the Slimfaast diet the same time and only lost 8 pds.

- Anonymous HCG Dieter

Feb 18, 2014
15 lbs in 30 days (completed)

I am very happy with my decision to take the program. I travel for work so I was nervous about being able to stick to the diet restrixtions, but thank goodness for Panera bread. Their 1\2 portion salads are perfect for this program and if I was having a really crazy day and hadn't eaten lunch or ate my fruit, I'd have one 1\2 portion Salas and their fat free super fruit smoothie as my two meals. I was even able to eat a piece of bread every now and then and still get results. I would definitely recommend to others. The results are great, your never hungry. I love the cheat card and sample recipes they give you.

- Teresa, Florida

Feb 11, 2014
10 lbs in 30 days (incomplete)

The drops really helped with the low calorie diet. I did not feel extraordinarily hungry. And the consistent weight loss helped me to continue. However, diet was difficult because the choices were so limited. I will try it again, just for a three week period, and see if I get the same results.

- Laurie, Indianapolis

Feb 04, 2014
15 lbs in 9 days (incomplete)

Feels the same as with the old drops, same results very happy with that. It works it just takes a lot of will power

- Shannon, New Mexico

Jan 20, 2014
19 lbs in 15 days (underway)

I find the program very effective. This is my second time using the drops, The first time I lost 40LBS over 30 days, but I regained 20 over the next 18 months. I hope to do better on the maintenance part of the diet. I think its a great program and I recommend it, However people think you are crazy if you tell them about 500 calories. So dont't tell them. Just do it. This is a great program for people who need to lose weight. It takes discipline, but you will be rewarded if you commit.

- Anonymous HCG Dieter

Jan 08, 2014
18 lbs in 45 days (completed)

Great way to lose, but difficult to keep lbs off. I have found the carbs add lbs faster than anything. It's a great program, you just have to get "in the zone" by eating right. You feel so much better also!

- Janet, Scottsdale, AZ

Nov 13, 2013
21 lbs in 16 days (underway)

I Love this program!! I have my whole life struggled with weight loss. I have at times lost on different programs, but like everyone else you always gain it back! I am type 2 diabetic and ever since I have been on insulin I just keep getting bigger and bigger! I am still in the process of my first 23 day cycle and have already lost 21 pounds! I am so happy their is finally a program that will work, and the fast loss is a bonus! I am looking to do 3 rounds and hoping to loose 60 pounds minimum, 80 would be awsome. I feel so much better already, my back and knee pain are gone. I am on an insulin pump taking around 100 units of insulin a day, since the first few days on HCG I have had to turn my pump off because I have normal sugar readings with out it!! Not sure when I go back to eating more foods If I will need it or not? but I see a light at the end of the tunnel! looking forward and feeling excited about finishing this 23 days and doing a second round!! I would recommend this product to others because of the high recommendation that was given to me, along with my great results from trying it myself!

- Kathy Kreutzer, Illinois

Oct 19, 2013
12 lbs in 24 days (completed)

I lost inches everywhere. I couldn't believe that after 10 days I dropped more than one clothing size. It was the motivation I needed to continue. I am still working on the maintaining stage. I have had 2 pounds come back, but not too worried about that right now. I am beginning to get into a workout routine which I think will help. It was rough some days to stay on the diet, but the lost inches and pounds gave me the drive to continue. I don't believe I loaded very well on the first two days, which may have been some of my headache issues the first week, but overall I did the diet to a "T".

- CC, Texas

Oct 19, 2013
14 lbs in 18 days (completed)

I loved the results. It was a very difficult diet for me the choices are so limited, but getting on the scale everyday and seeing results kept me going. The results are so fast it makes it worth it.

- CW, Mesa, AZ

Oct 17, 2013
12 lbs in 14 days (underway)

I'm amazed on how quick the weight drops! Not just the weight was great but the inches off the waist! I would definitely recommend this diet but you need to make sure you have good will power in the first week because that is the toughest to overcome. Try getting a buddy to do it with you for support. I have my co-worker and we are doing great on this!

- Jessica, Lake Oswego, OR

Oct 09, 2013
25 lbs in 36 days (underway)

I have so much more energy, I sleep SO much better, I have lost the weight I wanted to lose and I have lost inches from all of my problem areas. I FEEL GREAT! I have been able to resist the goodies (cake, cookies, chips, etc) that are still in my home and not felt deprived because I am so happy about the progress I have made. I wholeheartedly endorse both this program and HealthyHCG to anyone who is considering using it. The program works, it has changed my life and I am so very thankful!

- Janet, Norfolk, VA

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