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HCG Diet Journal - Tracking & Planning

Price: $9.95
Size: 94 pages

A Simple, Powerful Tool For Success on the HCG Diet

The third component of our printed guides, this is a spiral-bound book you can start using immediately without worrying about printing out pages or keeping your notes together. Don't underestimate the importance of this simple tool! Tracking is a very powerful way to ensure your success - it could save your diet!


  • Daily Weight Loss Log & Inches Tracker
  • Weekly Meal Planner (10 pages / 10 weeks)
  • Daily HCG Diet Journal (45 pages / 45 days)
  • Daily Diet Journal for Stabilization Phase (25 pages / 25 days)

    The Weekly Meal Planner is a perfect compliment to the recipes contained in the Ultimate HCG Diet Recipe Book. Each page gives you space to write recipes for each day of the week, and a space to write a shopping checklist from those ingredients. You can then take your list to the grocery store with you. Easy!

    The Daily HCG Diet Journal is the most important section. Each page has 4 areas:

    • HCG Doses: Record how many drops, and at what time.
    • Food & Calorie Log: Write down what foods you ACTUALLY ate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- and the total calories.
    • Fluids: Track how much you are drinking (water, tea, etc) as a reminder to drink enough.
    • Notes: Write how you feel that day or anything you want to remember.

    The Daily Diet Journal for Stabilization Phase is the same, but without the section for HCG doses.

    Between calories, fluids, doses and notes, you'll have a super-organized, detailed record of what really happened on each day.

    Such a record is vital for figuring out how your body responds to certain foods or HCG doses. What works, what doesn't. No more guessing! Simply look back in your journal and you'll know. You'll want this record during the core diet, and AFTER (stabilization).

    Just as important, your log will be a satisfying record of your weight loss to help keep you motivated! We all know that looking at the scale and seeing how much weight you lost is the best motivation of all!

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